State of Contact Center Report 2021

Data-backed CX insights that unveil the changing role of contact centers.

In 2020, contact centers were critical for business continuity. From 2021 onwards, the strategies they adopt will shape business growth.

Ozonetel, a leading contact center solution provider, combines data from across 150 million calls with experts’ opinions, to answer the question: Is there a need to change contact center strategy today? Read on to see what we found, and get actionable insights for adapting to changing customer expectations.


Human interactions prove critical for business

Data proves it beyond a doubt — during a crisis, people seek human connections! While 50% global consumers say they have become more digital, contact centers that can blend self-service with high touch availability (especially during upheavals) will prove critical for business continuity, customer loyalty, referrals, and growth.

At the peak of the crisis, human voice interactions proved vital.

Customers are 2X more likely to want to speak to a business during a crisis.

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Higher call volumes 1

Talk times spike when customers are faced with unexpected situations. 2

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Higher average talk times

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Customer impatience rises.

Even as callers wait in shorter and shorter call queues before speaking to a live agent, abandonment rates keep rising—exhibiting the new-age customers’ growing impatience. Call centers need to gear up to provide faster responses than ever before.


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In 2019, callers spent an average of 79 seconds waiting for their call to be answered by a live agent

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12% callers abandoned calls while waiting in queue


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In 2019, callers spent an average of 79 seconds waiting for their call to be answered by a live agent

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12% callers abandoned calls while waiting in queue

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Contact center training makes an impact.

The customers want their support agent to be a CX-custodian. When faced with unexpected situations, however, these agents struggle to find information, transfer calls and wrap them. 2021 proves that with the right training, contact centers can substantially improve these metrics and deliver a superior customer experience—even in challenging circumstances.


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In 2020, 4 minutes is the average amount of time agents spoke to a single caller.


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Experienced agents can wrap calls 20% faster than novices.


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Healthcare and pharma firms halved their hold times in the second- quarter of 2021.

During the pandemic, eCommerce and food delivery verticals saw an increase in talk times, but did some sectors witness a drop in talk times due to the pressure on agents to close calls faster?


Support gets proactive

Contact centers that were traditionally inbound have started showing a strong trend towards a proactive outreach strategy. Automated calls & messages enable businesses to respond to abandoned calls, notify customers about delays or outages, and educate them about new features, services, offers or products.

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Healthcare & pharma companies were maaking 1.7 x more outbound calls than before.

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Customers were 3 times more likely to answer calls from their ecommerce vendors after the 2020 crisis.​

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Although there is an 8% decline in overall pickup rates, in absolute numbers, more customers were responding positively to calls from businesses

The Way Forward

Contact centers will play a key role in humanizing brands, building customer loyalty, referrals and driving customer lifetime value. The key focus will be to:

It’s time for a new kind of contact center!

Contact centers that can meet these growing customer expectations in an efficient, scalable manner will differ from others in four critical ways:


Contact centers need to be built upon technology platforms that can rapidly adapt to change.


Contact centers need to integrate with other business tools in order to share data, automate workflows, and unify the customer journey.


Contact centers need to offer customers multiple touchpoints, and ensure consistent, personalized responses across channels.

Data rich

Contact centers need to capture and tap the huge reserves of customer and conversation data to enable a bigger business impact.

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