How to activate cloud telephony for your Shopify store?

Anita Raghav

Dec 2, 2023 | 5 mins read

Shopify lets your business set up an online store in minutes. Have you considered a helpdesk, a customer support center or sales channel for that store? You should. Because 61% of your visitors want to speak to someone before making a purchase.* To make this possible, you need to activate a voice + chat channel for them.

You can do this easily in a matter of minutes, by linking to our readymade contact center solution. Just place our widget on your Shopify store, and when your visitors have a doubt, they can just click to speak to one of your staff. 

That’s it. Now your Shopify store visitors just click to speak with your agents. They can also chat with your agents instead of talking, as this is an omnichannel widget.

Here is how:

  1. Sign up for a KOOKOO Cloudagent account. Our team will give you your API Key and Phone Number.
  2. Go to your Shopify online store ->themes->(Action = Edit Code)->Layout->theme.liquid.
  3. The widget code will be as below. Place the API key and phone number given by our team within the code as shown:
  4. Ask your agents to login to your KOOKOO account and start receiving calls.

What features does this support widget give you?

Think with google researched 3,000 shoppers in the age group of 18 – 74 in Travel, Restaurant, Finance, Retail, Technology, Local Services and Auto sectors:

  • Synchronized chat window. During conversations, it’s often easier to type things down instead of repeating them over the phone. For example, people prefer typing email ids rather than speaking them out. We understand this. That’s why you can open a chat window during any phone call. The customer can type out email ids, names, phone numbers, in this window while you’re still on the call. (Yes, ours is the only widget to allow this simultaneous call+chat). Plus, you can just switch to a chat mode if that’s what your customer prefers (if they’re shopping while in office for example!!)
  • Better workforce distribution amongst your staff. Our ACD calculates how much time your staff spends on call/chat, and automatically sends calls to the staff member who has spent the least amount of time answering customer calls/chats.
  • Complete CRM/Ticketing Integration. Our complete CRM integration ensures that tickets are automatically created against each phone call, notes get added into the CRM directly, and your recordings are neatly organized against your ticket numbers too.
  • Advanced Analytics. Keep track of your agents with live monitoring. Along with regular updates of various metrics that measure your customer experience and agent performance.
  • Complete Contact Center Support. The same platform supports your toll-free number, your outbound calls, and even lets you create outbound IVR campaigns. See a demo of the widget at or contact us to get started.

Ready to take control of your call transfer
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Anita Raghav

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