How Can Your Contact Center Deliver Omnichannel Service?

Anita Raghav

Oct 27, 2023 | 5 mins read

What is Omnichannel Service?

Omnichannel Service is a unified, customer-centric approach to managing seamless interactions across multiple touchpoints.

Today, businesses interact with customer on multiple channels: email, chat, phone, social media.

  • The customer expects consistent service across these channels.
  • They also expect to be recognized on all channels.
  • And not have to repeat information when switching between channels.

To create this Omnichannel experience, you must ensure

  • All your support channels automatically sync and share information.
  • Your support agents should have easy access to this information.
  • A single support solution handles multiple channels.

2 Easy Ways for your Contact Center to Deliver Omnichannel Service

New technology makes it easy for contact centers to unify their communications. Here are 2 simple ways to make your Contact Center an Omnichannel Service Center.

Combine your biggest support channels.

There are multiple channels for your customer to contact you. Of these, Live chat and Phone support are the most popular. According to a Kayako Survey across 1,000 US consumers, 32% use phone support. And 41% use live chat. Combine the two support channels using the KOOKOO Interactive Assistant.

  • The Interactive Assistant connects your website to your contact center in real time. It gives live voice + chat support online.
  • You don’t need different vendors to manage live chat and voice calls.
  • It’s easy to operate, scale and mange your omnichannel service rightaway.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Ticketing.

The third most popular support channel is email (23% respondents selected email as a preferred channel). All you need to solve this problem is good CRM/Ticketing Integration. This will ensure that users switching between email and voice channels never have to repeat information.

Do you want to deploy Omnichannel service in youur contact center? Contact us right away.

Or learn more about Seamless CRM integrations for your contact center here.

  • The CCW Market Study, 2018, identified “having to repeat information when switching channels” as the most frequent customer complaint. You can fix this instantly by using a robust CRM Phonebridge Integration.
  • Your customer may have sent you an email, or had live chat conversation before the first phone call. The integration ensures your agents gets all relevant information as a screenpop on their dashboard. And customers never have to repeat information.
  • Agents don’t have to work extra either. When the phone call is over, agents update status in a single dashboard. The integration automatically updates status in both  your contact center and CRM/ticketing software.

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Anita Raghav


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