How can you improve First Call Resolution from your Freshdesk Window?

Anita Raghav

Nov 1, 2023 | 5 mins read

What is FCR ( First Call Resolution)?

Any ticket/issue which can be resolved on a call without any follow-ups, either internal or external are known as First Call Resolution tickets.

Why should you measure your FCR?

If we can resolve most of the customer queries/issues/challenges on a call and in one go, it leads to a higher CSAT thus bringing in more customer happiness and positive word of mouth. It will positively impact your brand value and recognition in the market.

How to get a high FCR? 5 simple ways.

To manage a high FCR, it is important to follow the below points as best practices in your support organization:

Quite often we ignore basics and get carried away by the fancy options. But in customer support, the teams which stick to basics will always emerge as winners. Try it out. Visit our advanced integration with Freshdesk.

  • Integrate your Contact Center with your Freshdesk.
    We at KOOKOO Contact Center offer easy connectors to integrate with Freshdesk ticketing system. Learn more.

The KOOKOO Calling widget opens in your Freshdesk window

  • Know your customer’s challenges before you speak:
    Integration with a ticketing tool is not complete unless your executives/agents can see the customers recent ticketing history including any challenges they have/had with your business. Traditionally called a CTI integration, it is a mandatory tool for higher FCR.
  • Speak proactively:
    Once you have a CTI integration, you should use it too. Example: Once a customer calls, instead of saying – “ Hello, Mr. X, How can I help you?” Agents should use the screen pop information on their dashboard to improvise and take an informed guess at the customer’s problem: “Hello, Mr.X, I see you have this challenge in your current order. Is this the reason for calling?”
    This way, the conversation gets directed towards resolution faster. This creates a positive vibe, gives good CSAT ratings, and also shortens your AHTs ( Average Handling Time ).
  • Know your system well:
    As they say, “Knowledge is power” (well at least Sir Francis said that!). You must invest heavily in training your agents/executives continuously so they know how to use the system and get all information needed for resolving queries.
  • Feedback to Ops:
    Gaining a high FCR is a continuous improvement process. Support organizations should continuously pass feedback on issues/ tickets which are not resolved on call. Dedicate a focus group to work out how to find corrective measures.

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Anita Raghav

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