How Can Marketing Teams Use Call Center AI?

Anita Raghav

Nov 20, 2023 | 5 mins read

Thanks to AI-based technologies such as Speech Analytics, call center data is more valuable than ever before. Learn how your marketing departments can keep a tab on customer sentiment, demographics, and customer concerns through this technology.

Marketing Departments are familiar with AI-based tools like sentiment analysis. They use this technology to track customer sentiment across social media. But social media is not the only place where customers air their grievances. More often, before issues explode in social media, your customer has tried to call you directly.

So why not monitor customer sentiment in your call center? Why not use call center data to understand your customers better?

How to tap call center data for marketing?

Call centers are a veritable gold mine for customer intelligence. They listen to customer grievances, understand demographics and other customer needs through first-hand exposure. Quite literally, they capture the voice of the customer. However, it’s impossible to listen to hundreds of conversations. Today AI-based tools like Speech Analytics make it possible to analyze your call center conversations in real-time. This means that it’s now possible to convert this data into useful insights.

Here are two Speech Analytics tools that provide valuable insight and can give companies information that can be critical to marketing and brand management efforts:

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer Gender Data

Let’s understand how each of these tools help:

1. Customer Sentiment Analysis

“Sentiment Analysis Provides Invaluable Marketing Intel. By using sentiment analysis companies can not only monitor what people say about their brand, but they can deliver what consumers want.” *

In today’s world, brand sentiment can change in the blink of an eye. Worse it can explode online with digital mentions and social media posts. Extensive customer sentiment analysis is therefore critical. But are you tracking your call center?

How often have you seen social media mentions that begin with “I tried to call the business but…” or “I spoke to their call center but..”


Now Speech Analytics makes it possible for marketing departments to view a dashboard with live updates on call center sentiment. This means that you will know when your call center is being bombarded with unusually angry calls. You can also use Keyword analytics to keep track of certain phrases. (Also Read: How AI can tell if my customer is happy or not)


Keyword and speech analytics can also be extremely useful in figuring what topics, products and suggestions your customers are responding positively or negatively to. You can view reports by customer sentiment and then select to listen to actual recordings to listen in order to get deeper audience insights.

2. Customer Gender Analysis

“While it (gender) is only one of several factors that make up the marketing genome (i.e., the list of attributes that help predict future buying behaviors), it is certainly one where we see significant differences in customer behaviors. Today’s leading marketers are making a concerted effort to collect as much relevant information that they can to better inform their marketing campaigns.” **

Gender segmentation to cater better to different audiences is not a new concept. What IS new is that now companies can get these insights from their call center too.


Are more men or women responding to your latest campaign or offer? Is there a difference in the issues male or female customers are facing? Use AI Speech Analytics to determine the caller gender and frequency of calling cohesively in overall customer demographics analysis. Use keyword analysis and call recordings to delve deeper into the issue.


Researches agree that product preferences and even brand loyalty vary according to customer gender. The challenges they face may also be different. You can, therefore, use this data to shape campaigns, offers, communication strategies or product features. It can also give marketing teams an idea of whether the communication needs to be more gender-neutral or sensitive, as the situation demands.


Even in this increasingly digital age, voice communication continues to be an integral part of the customer journey and one of the more personalized ways to interact with customers. When marketing and research teams work together with contact centers, it can be possible to create more cohesive strategies and extract tons of actionable data. Companies today can make full use of the plethora of information and data points that are now easily accessible through newer technology at contact centers.

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