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Focus on patient care, not technology

Healthcare providers like you are facing increasing pressure to deliver quality patient care. Yet you're spending more time on the phones with patients and their care teams. With Ozonetel’s healthcare call center software, you get the tools you need to create superior patient experiences. ​We provide a centralized platform to manage your patients through their journey from start to finish so you can focus on providing the best care possible through a secure cloud environment.

Automate Rules. Save Time.

The efficient way to improve patient experience
​Automatic Refills, Renewals, & Pharmacy Inquiries

Free up your agents' valuable time to focus on the things that matter. Let our call center self-service solution take care of the prescriptions so you can focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional patient care.

Automated Callbacks & Self-Service IVR

Watch your patient satisfaction levels increase as they spend less time on hold with self-service IVR. Callbacks are also automated. You'll never lose a patient.

Secure Patient Communications

It’s your job to care for your patients’ health and well-being. But it's also your job to care for their personal information. That’s why Ozonetel healthcare call center solution delivers a secure, ISO 27K1& 20K1 certified, HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR compliant environment.

Best-in-Class Features

Enable faster, better communication at every touchpoint of your patient’s journey
Call Scheduling

Ozonetel healthcare call center solution automatically schedules refills and renewals calls: your agents need only confirm patients' orders. Schedule an appointment with a doctor within the hour. Your agents are 83% more efficient and never have to leave a voicemail.

IVR Blasts for bulk voice messages

IVR blasts are the perfect way to reach patients quickly and easily. Our medical contact center sends voice messages in bulk to a complete customer database in just a few clicks. Send automated messages, collect feedback, offer interactive options, and more. Save precious agent time.

SMS Blasts for bulk text messages

Our healthcare contact center sends updated appointments, reports, images, and treatment plans to patients' smartphones instantly. Send personalized, media-rich messages securely. Integrate your hospital information system with our SMS API. Manage visitations, boost satisfaction, improve engagement, and boost your revenue.

Self-Service IVR

Self-Service IVR hands back control to your patients and save agent time. Thrive, even with high call volumes. Automatically route complex conversations to the agent best able to solve them. Increase first contact resolution. Increase agent and patient satisfaction. Reduce costs.

Automated Callbacks

Abandoned calls are a sign of patient frustration. Ozonetel healthcare call center solution neatly captures dropped calls. Our power dialer dials the number back and connects with an agent. Increase patient loyalty.

omnichannel Routing
Omnichannel Routing

Meet your patients where they are. With our healthcare contact center solution, you’ll be able to provide a personalized experience on the phone, WhatsApp, SMS, or another digital channel. Unify patient journeys. Increase patient satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Drag & Drop IVR Creator

​Create a multi-level IVR with our healthcare call center solution. Drag & Drop IVR works exactly like a regular IVR. Except you can make changes easily via a drag-and-drop interface: create a stellar self-service experience, easily change messages and menus, create more outbound campaigns and surveys.

Call Logging & Recording
Call Logging & Recording

​Automatically log and record calls into your CRM. Train your call center agents from thousands of recorded conversations. Identify their strong points and pinpoint areas for improvement. Ensure regulatory compliance during every call.

70+ Performance Reports

Detailed call reports provide deep insight into healthcare contact center operations. Real-time analytic reports cover inbound metrics, outbound metrics, personnel performance, and patient experience. Managers can plot agent and overall call center performance. Identify bottlenecks early. Channel the right training to every health call center agent.

Focus on patient care, not technology

Improve service level adherence and agent
Real-time reports provide insights into your medical contact center operations. Supervisors have a suite of features for monitoring call quality: they can monitor your service level (SLA) adherence, see how many agents are logged in at any time, see the calls in queue, see how many calls are abandoned, listen in on calls in progress, and join live calls. Supervisors can monitor agent conversations and take control when needed.

Why Ozonetel Healthcare Call Center Solution?

Ozonetel has been delivering healthcare contact center innovation since 2007
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Reduce operating costs by 50%

Flexible pricing plans let you increase or decrease your capacity according to seasonal demands. Use our feature-packed solution to increase agent utilization and overall productivity. Use automation to reduce your cost per patient.

Enjoy white-glove customer support

Dedicated account manager for contact centers of all sizes; 24 X 7 X 365 phone & email support, even on national holidays

Free deployment & fastest go-live

Deploy an enterprise call center in weeks, not months.

Open APIs

Use our APIs allow you to build deep CRM integrations and custom logic.

Protect your patient's data as well as their health

Secure healthcare contact center solutions you can rely on

We value the importance of your patients’ data as much as they do. That’s why we commit to a higher level of trust with auto redundancy features, ensuring you or your service provider are properly processing and securing patient data.

Ozonetel healthcare call center solution provides superior security, compliance, and reliability by safeguarding your medical contact center. Our organization uses tools and software with high system-wide availability together with a patient experience platform that meets the needs of a digital-first organization.

Healthcare Compliance & Security

We maintain compliance and certifications to industry standards, thus enforcing security policies:

and more...

The Way Forward

Ozonetel healthcare call center solution monitors access to user features at the organizational, departmental, or user levels. Our healthcare contact center solution also offers integrations for access management via SAML and SCIM.

Disaster recovery & business continuity

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