How can Speech Analytics tell if my customer is happy or not?

17 October in Speech Analytics

At the beginning and end of every call, your Speech Analytics system displays customer mood on your Agents dashboard. How does a machine understand whether your customer is happy or not? It uses two things: Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing. Conventionally, people used programming languages to...

Freshdesk Integration with KOOKOO improves customer support: key features & benefits.

09 October in CRM Integration, Ozonetel

The Freshdesk integration with KOOKOO opens a whole host of features to the Freshdesk user. These features will allow them to increase customer satisfaction and improve agent productivity. The features include: Unified Window with click to call functionality: reduce frustration and save time. Screenpop Integrations:...

How can you improve First Call Resolution from your Freshdesk Window?

03 October in Customer Experience, Ozonetel, Telephony For Support

What is FCR ( First Call Resolution)? Any ticket/issue which can be resolved on a call without any follow-ups, either internal or external are known as First Call Resolution tickets. Why should you measure your FCR? If we can resolve most of the customer queries/issues/challenges on a call...