Call Queue Management

00:00 25 October in Customer Experience, Telephony For Support by anita

Call centers exist to provide speedy customer service and issue resolution. Speed is key; achieved through efficient call queue management. What is call queue management? Simply put, call queue management is the management of call queues to ensure minimal customer wait time and fair workload distribution. When...

All About CTI Screen Pops

00:00 21 October in Ozonetel by kimsuka

A screen pop is one of the most basic and useful features of a good CTI integration with your CRM or ticketing software. This article explains what it is, the benefits of having one, and everything you should look for in your screen pop. What is...

Virtual Call Center Software Selection Guide

00:00 20 October in Ozonetel by kimsuka

A virtual call center is one where agents are geographically dispersed as opposed to being in a brick and mortar building. Virtual call centers are popular thanks to the advent of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology and a chunk of the workforce opting to...

How can Speech Analytics tell if my customer is happy or not?

00:00 17 October in Speech Analytics by Ajay

At the beginning and end of every call, your Speech Analytics system displays customer mood on your Agents dashboard. How does a machine understand whether your customer is happy or not? It uses two things: Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing. Conventionally, people used programming languages to...