Speech analytics will improve quality by 95%

00:00 07 March in Speech Analytics by Jordan

Contact Centers have thousands of valuable data bytes stashed away as call recordings. Unfortunately it takes trained personnel 3.5 minutes to just listen to a 2 minute call for just keyword detection. Natural Language Processing (NLP) combines with Machine learning to to analyse every single...

Voice recognition will revolutionize IVR

00:00 06 March in IVRs by Ajay

In the race for creating better customer experience, every millisecond counts. No bump in the customer journey is too small to ignore. In this context, let us relook at the IVR experience: Long ago, IVRs efficiently replaced receptionists for answering calls. The IVR easily handled any...

5 ways AI will Transform Our Call Centers in 2018

00:00 26 February in Artificial Intelligence by Ajay

Ozonetel is bringing the power of AI into call centers. Taking advantage of advances in the AI fields like Natural Language programming and Analytics— Ozonetel is creating smart assistants and analytic tools for the modern day call center. Speech recognition, Speech analytics and Sentiment analysis have...