KOOKOO Cloud platform WhatsApp Integration

Ozonetel has proven to be a leader once again. Our swift WhatsApp for Business API integration was carried out like a blitzkrieg in the app support world. On 2nd August, 2018, our smart team worked overnight to deliver a complete, state-of-the-art WhatsApp Integration— within a span of 24 hours. This is like delivering tasty pizzas hot to a hungry tribe! After all, this has been a much-asked-for extension that will finally enable smarter usage of WhatsApp for Business.

What can businesses gain from this integration?

For businesses that have a WhatsApp for Business account, the KOOKOO cloud platform can streamline communications considerably:

    • Businesses can customise Chatbots to greet customers in an instant and personal way on WhatsApp and provide basic self-service options.
    • Based on customer’s needs, the bots seamlessly escalate the interaction to human agents.
    • Automatic Chat Routing routes messages to free agents based on their skills. In case all agents are busy, customers are queued-up, and notified.
    • Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously.
    • Screenpop Integrations ensure that agents have customer information on their fingertips.
    • Supervisors can monitor chats and barge-in wherever needed. They can access agent performance and feedback reports in real time.
    • Customers can switch to voice support with a single click.
    • At a backend, CRM is smartly and automatically storing all data with customized parameters.
    • Customers can opt-in for regular updates, offers, announcements and status updates. This creates a highly personal way for businesses to keep in touch, upsell and collect feedback from their customers.

To ice the cake, this well thought out and structured, smooth WhatsApp integration by Ozonetel is also extremely cost effective!

This is the second win of Ozonetel on speed integration. Earlier this year, soon after the Facebook announced its business chart integration, Ozonetel quickly created a Facebook chat plugin. Surely, the time of KOOKOO Cloud Agent is here as it catches up with the growing business needs customers while keeping pace with the changing technologies.


About the Author:

Neha is a Digital Strategist at Ozonetel and is focused towards improving the user experience at all digital touchpoints a consumer interacts with everyday.

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