Dialing Success: Top 10 Telemarketing Software in India

Prashanth Kancherla

Nov 29, 2023 | 14 mins read

Telemarketing is one of the most cost-effective methods adopted by businesses across the world to connect with prospects and customers. It serves multiple purposes for a business including sales, customer service, market research, surveys, updates, and follow-up communications. Beyond efficiency, it serves as a powerful tool for cultivating customer relationships through personalized conversations and tailored solutions. By using telemarketing strategically, businesses can boost their sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and build lasting brand loyalty.

Benefits of Telemarketing 

List of benefits

Identifying Qualified Leads

Market Research

Immediate Feedback

Relationship Building


Personal Touch

Here are the key benefits of telemarketing for a business

Identifying Qualified Leads: Telemarketing can help businesses identify and qualify potential prospects, ensuring that the sales team focuses on leads with a higher likelihood of conversion.

Market Research: Telemarketing campaigns serve as an effective tool for businesses allowing them to gather valuable insights into customer preferences, competitors, and industry trends.

Immediate Feedback: Through telemarketing, businesses can gather real-time feedback from customers. They can evaluate customer reactions, address concerns on the go, and adapt their approach based on the customer’s responses.

Relationship Building: It is one of the key strategies adopted by businesses to inspire customer loyalty. Telemarketing enables businesses to build relationships by creating a direct line of communication, fostering trust & driving customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective: Telemarketing is often more budget-friendly than other marketing channels, making it great for businesses targeting specific demographics or niches. 

Personal Touch: The human touch has a major impact on enhancing your sales efforts. This allows businesses to convey sincerity, empathy, and a genuine interest in meeting customer needs. 

To achieve this, it’s crucial to invest in telemarketing software that aligns with your specific needs. But first, let’s understand what is telemarketing software.

What is a Telemarketing software?

Tele-calling software, sometimes called telemarketing software, is a specialist tool to improve and expedite the Tele-calling or telemarketing procedure. Making cold calls to prospective customers or leads to advertise goods, services, or charitable endeavors is called telecalling. It may also include incoming calls placed by clients seeking assistance or information.

Are you facing these challenges in your contact center?

  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Frequent absenteeism
  • Uneven workload
  • Losing contact at crucial times 
  • Missed Follow-ups
  • Customer and employee satisfaction 

Telemarketing software automates customer outreach functions, aligning seamlessly with your sales and marketing goals. By streamlining the process of reaching a broad audience, this software helps in building better customer relationships and providing a better return on investment.

It can also help increase call volume, decrease time spent on a call, and increase a telemarketing conversion rate. This tool doesn’t just boost call volume; it reduces call duration, boosting overall efficiency and contributing to higher conversion rates. However, choosing the right telemarketing software from the pool of available software is sometimes hard. Therefore, in this article, you will find detailed features of the top 10 telemarketing software in India. 

Features to look for in Telemarketing Software

1. Auto Dialing: Effortlessly reach numerous leads with automated call dialling, Which you will need for efficient outbound telemarketing.

2. Call Recording: It ensures compliance and quality control by recording calls for training and tracking interactions with leads.

3. Lead Management: Organize leads effectively with features like routing, distribution, and tracking, enabling agents to prioritize their efforts.

4. CRM Integration: Access client information seamlessly during calls with CRM integration, enhancing the quality of client interactions.

5. IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Some platforms include IVR systems for call interaction, routing, task automation, and providing information.

6. SMS and Email Integration: Extend communication capabilities with multi-channel outreach through integrated SMS and email.

7. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor performance indicators, agent productivity, and campaign effectiveness for informed decision-making.

8. Local Presence Dialling: Increase answer rates with local presence dialling, making calls appear from nearby numbers.

9. Workflow Automation: Enhance efficiency with features like automatic follow-ups, scheduling, and reminders, minimizing manual effort.

10. Campaign Management: Organize, implement, and oversee telemarketing campaigns with functions like scheduling, scripting, and performance tracking.

Top 10 Tele Marketing Software

1.    Ozonetel

Ozonetel telemarketing software that provides a full-featured cloud contact center experience. Ozonetel’s telemarketing solutions aim to streamline and optimize the telemarketing process, providing tools for efficient calling, lead management, and analytics. Businesses can leverage Ozonetel’s services to enhance their telemarketing campaigns, improve customer interactions, and achieve better results in their outreach efforts.  

Key Features

  • Autodialer and dialer APIs let you automate calls to large databases
  • Integrates with your online CRM to help you focus on warm leads
  • SMS capabilities allows you to follow up with automated texts.
  • Reduce lead turnaround times from 24 hours to less than 15 minutes  
  • Automate lead follow-up & streamline your contact center’s workflow.
  • Build customized solutions for your business with our open API library. 
  • Stay compliant with automated DND scrubbing for outbound calls.
  • You can pre-record messages to be left as voicemails for unanswered calls.
  • Record calls for quality, compliance, and training purposes

Why Choose Ozonetel?

  • Supervisors can listen in on calls in progress, and join live calls silently, communicating with the agent only, or communicating with both the agent and the lead.
  • Agents gain automatic access to consumer information upon answering calls & comprehensive consumer profiles enhance agent preparation
  • Administrators can configure the dialing logic they want. Determine what best suits the data value and let the program go to work.

User Review: It has been a great asset to our organization in providing excellent client and customer support. It has multiple features that have helped reduce the stress for the team.


  • Perfect support, user-friendly, easy implementation, and multiple stress-reducing features.
  • Simple for new users to learn and access.


Some users occasionally experience performance delays due to internet ping issues.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a feature-rich telemarketing software. Which can help you manage your projects, collaborate with teams, and get CRM features in this software. In addition, Bitrix24 excels in inbound and outbound telemarketing with flexible call management.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrated with CRM, it centralizes customer interactions, including call records and deal closures.
  • Bitrix24 enhances virtual call center efficiency by automating processes and displaying client information during calls.
  • It offers full integration, auto-dialer, call logs, and comprehensive reports.
  • Bitrix24 is your ultimate cold-calling companion, featuring automatic dialing, worldwide functionality, and unlimited numbers.

You can make informed decisions with Bitrix24’s powerful analytics, enabling one-click calls and insights from both inbound and outbound calls.

Why Choose Bitrix24?

  • Assists in managing internal projects.
  • Supports management of the sales funnel.

Users Review: This is a really handy piece of software with powerful features that will assist you in doing your work more efficiently.


  • Powerful CRM integration.
  • Comprehensive business management tools.
  • User-friendly collaboration features.
  • Versatile and adaptable to various business needs.


  • The steeper learning curve for new users.
  • Limited specialist support in the free edition.
  • Some users find it complex, requiring strong project management experience.

3. noCRM

With noCRM, a specialized CRM system made to automate follow-ups, streamline call management, and improve your telesales process, you may improve your telemarketing effectiveness. NoCRM is a pioneer in customer relationship management with a telemarketing focus.

noCRM assists every type of company, be it service providers, B2B companies, B2C companies or health care and technology. In addition, it can be easily integrated. VoIP tools you are already using make the integration process seamless. Therefore, this tool makes converting your prospects easier. 

Key Features

  • Streamline onboarding & integrated prospecting lists.
  • Click-2-call prospecting makes it simple to contact and qualify leads, increasing the effectiveness of telemarketing.
  • This software ensures no information is missed by using automated call logging to stay current on lead and prospect status.
  •  You can Increase the potency of your cold calls by using this robust script generator.
  • Track call campaign performance for insights to enhance strategies.

Why choose noCRM?

  • Focuses on simplifying the sales process
  • Streamlines pipeline management and deal closing
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes

User review:  The only app that meets my requirements is noCRM.io. It has all the functions a trader needs and is intuitive.


  • Easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • It focus on leads for efficient conversion.
  • Highly customizable to adapt to specific needs.
  • Extensive integration capabilities with third-party applications.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go sales pipeline management.


  • Some users say managing leads from a single client’s organization can be challenging.
  • Specific features may require upgrading to higher-tier plans.

4. Phoneburner

PhoneBurner is revolutionizing the telemarketing industry with its automated phone dialing technology, which promises no “telemarketer’s delay,” increases agent productivity, and expedites call lists.

With this cutting-edge technology, you may build a team of quota busters and significantly increase conversation rates, reaching up to four times as many contacts in an hour.

Thus, PhoneBurner has established itself as the go-to option for companies looking to maximize their telemarketing campaigns by offering a comprehensive package that combines efficiency, compliance, and user pleasure.

Key Features

  • Efficient team management with no-delay connections for smoother conversations.
  • Automatically distribute leads for unrivaled control.
  • Replace tasks with talk time by automating actions like voicemails and emails.
  • Streamline post-call workflows for faster outreach.
  • For visibility, real-time leaderboards, custom reports, call recording, and live listen-in.
  • Reach 60-80 contacts every hour for maximum efficiency.
  • TCPA-friendly software to avoid costly penalties.

Why Choose Phoneburner?

  • Aids in answering calls and engaging with customers
  • Phoneburner fast connections without interruptions
  • Minimizes time-consuming procedures

User review: No lag time between getting signed up and starting to increase productivity. Nothing else compares to the user-friendliness of Phone Burner.


  • Unlimited dialing for up to 80 calls per hour without per-minute fees.
  • 1-click voicemails, saving valuable time in every outreach attempt.
  • Seamless call transfer and remote selling capabilities.


  • Integration challenges reported in TrustRadius Insights reviews.
  • Some users may find the interface complex.

5.    EVS7

EVS7 has become a top outbound telemarketing dialer software, giving companies the tools to increase client reach, save time, and boost revenue. EVS7 is a telemarketing platform that focuses on providing an outstanding experience. It has features like voicemail drops that are pre-recorded, quick dialling, and strong capabilities for expanding operations.

EVS7 is a comprehensive solution for businesses enhancing their outbound telemarketing efforts, focusing on efficiency, scalability, and affordability. 

Key Features

  • Rapid Dialing for Maximum Efficiency
  • You can make 4x more calls for increased productivity.
  • This tool ensures a seamless, annoyance-free customer experience.
  • Utilize pre-recorded voicemail drops for a fresh approach.
  • With this tool, you may avoid repetitive messages to enhance customer engagement.
  • Streamline operations and drive success with comprehensive features.

Why Choose EVS7?

  • Rapidly reach more contacts with predictive dialing (up to five lines per agent)
  • Agents can stay prepared with preview and manual modes
  • Manage and optimize multiple outbound initiatives for optimal effectiveness

User Review: It was easy to use Once I was taught. It does need room for improvement.


  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Empowers agents to make the most of all times, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Built-in CRM for efficient lead, prospect, and customer management, streamlining work processes.


  • Some users say this tool has some login issues.

6. Vocalcom Virtual Contact Center

Among the best telemarketing software available is Vocalcom Virtual Contact Centre, which has an effective predictive dialer to make outbound calls more efficient. Increase the effectiveness of your online lead callbacks, appointment scheduling, telesales, and telemarketing with Vocalcom’s intelligent automation.

With the help of real-time optimization, intelligent predictive dialing, and an intuitive campaign-building wizard, Vocalcom proves to be a strong telemarketing solution. Focusing on effectiveness, adherence, and quality control, It is a smart option for you to improve your outbound telemarketing efforts.

Key Features:

  • Instantly analyze campaign and agent performance.
  • Four auto-dialing modes for efficiency.
  • Ensure outbound call compliance with local laws.
  • Integrated script editor for objection handling.
  • Improve call quality with advanced features.
  • Seamless CRM integration for real-time updates.

Why Choose Vocalcom?

  • Enhances genuine contacts, boosting campaign productivity.
  • Monitors customer satisfaction, daily inbound/outbound call volume, and conversion rates.
  • Tracks staff-to-customer conversion for comprehensive insights.

User Reviews:  The on-premise version allowed us to bring our carrier, keeping telephony costs down in a multi-country environment.


  • Increase call campaign productivity
  • Create campaigns effortlessly with an intuitive wizard.
  • Efficient handling of incoming and outgoing contacts, intelligent engagement, and easy integration into existing systems.


  • Slow R&D for new features, competitive catch-up, and compatibility is limited to Internet Explorer 11.

7. CallTools

CallTools is another telemarketing software with no contracts, ideal for growing sales teams. With its sophisticated dialing modes and integrated CRM, this feature-rich system seeks to boost dependability, decrease agent downtime, and improve revenues.

CallTools is a potent ally for telemarketing and sales teams, providing an easy-to-use interface, dependable functionality, and various functions to augment outbound calling tactics.

Its extensive features make it a competitive option for companies looking to maximize their calling productivity and increase revenue despite certain setup and training issues.

Key features

  • Simplify tasks with CRM integration, map features, and text follow-ups.
  • Push and pull data between systems for a streamlined workflow.
  • Organize and retrieve client information seamlessly in the platform.
  • Manage client data efficiently with the built-in CRM.
  • Gain insights through live call listening and barge-in capabilities.

Why Choose CallTools?

  1. CallTools utilizes suppression rules to minimize prohibited calls.
  2. Automatically addresses disruptive calling behaviors.
  3. Caller ID auditing enables swift replacement of faulty caller IDs.

User Reviews: The seamlessness and user-friendly platform experienced with CallTools is hands-down the best in the industry. The ease-of-use. The lines per user are available. 


  • Excellent service, user-friendly, comprehensive functionality.
  • Smooth integration, low cost, excellent service, and tech support. 
  • Strong predictive dialer, ideal for phone-based companies.
  • Great 10-line dialer, minimal support needed, efficient.
  • Efficient cloud platform, perfect performance, easily scalable.


  • Difficulty adding new users without multiple customer support interactions.
  • Tricky navigation, occasional spam, and refreshing limitations.

8. Five9

Five9 is a unique Contact Centre as a Service platform that provides customized solutions for various contact center applications in different sectors. Five9 provides telemarketing, sales, and marketing solutions backed by pre-built integrations and cutting-edge capabilities while focusing on cutting costs and exceeding performance targets.

Acclaimed for its dependability, scalability, and integrations, It has become prominent in the CCaaS market. Positive evaluations emphasize its real-time monitoring capabilities and user-friendly interface; occasional support glitches and network delays pose obstacles. Despite this, Five9’s extensive portfolio of services makes it a worthwhile option for companies looking to improve their cloud-based contact center skills.

Key Features

  • Boost productivity and ensure TCPA compliance.
  • Achieve up to three times more contacts per hour, lowering cost per lead.
  • Improve contacts and sales per hour for both inbound and outbound sales.
  • Accelerate agent ramp-up times for faster results.
  • Lower the cost per lead for marketing operations.
  • Enable efficient lead nurturing and quicker conversion.

Why choose Five9 telemarketing?

  • Five9 telemarketing software consolidates interactions from various channels on a single agent desktop.
  • Enhances customer engagement and response times.
  • Optimizes outbound calling by predicting agent availability.

User Reviews: It saves time and manual labor. Five9 allows the transfer of the call within one’s own company. It is an easy, reliable, and good-to-navigate platform.


  • Prompt technical support for issue resolution.
  • Organized team listing and user-friendly CRM.
  • Effective autodialer, notes, call recording.
  •  Allows calling clients, compatible with Salesforce.


  • Limited options, lacks customization.
  • Desires more features like texting and calendar booking.
  • Some users say CRM looks outdated.

9. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft, a company with an outstanding user rating and high customer satisfaction rate, provides several tools to energize teams and boost sales.

The user-managed, completely adjustable software is the reason for VanillaSoft’s remarkable success in fundraising campaigns. The system offers the most campaign control with sophisticated process automation, ensuring optimal outreach efficiency and continuous best practices.

Key Features

  • Auto-presents reps with optimal leads.
  • Optimizes lead selection for efficient calls.
  • Progressive auto-dialing boosts productivity.
  • Dynamic scripts for personalized sales.
  • Real-time monitoring and call recording for control.

Why Choose VanillaSoft?

  • VanillaSoft organizes prospect interactions and manages prospecting efforts effectively.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and understanding

User Reviews: Vanilla Soft is super easy to use and user-friendly. I teach my team how to use it in less than a day, and they love it, too. 


  • Quick and easy CRM, SMS templates for quick information retrieval.
  • Efficient queue routing, customization options, and useful ’email read’ function.
  •  Easy setup, user-friendly for building calling/action cadences.


  • Limited self-help videos in the support section.
  • Limited SMS tool history may not be suitable for individual use.
  • Challenging creation of advanced reports due to required Excel skills.

10.   TeleCRM

TeleCRM markets itself as intelligent Tele-calling software with robust calling functionalities to improve productivity and full tracking. Top businesses rely on it for its rapid and precise calling capabilities, and it offers integrations.

TeleCRM is a clever Tele-calling system that prioritizes tracking and efficiency. Users highly praise its features, interoperability across devices, and integrations. Though occasional annoyances and worries about anonymity exist, most opinions are favorable. The connection with Telegram further enhances the diversity of communication. It is a useful tool for Tele-calling because of its focus on quick, precise calling and thorough tracking. 

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate calling with an auto-dialer for increased call volume.
  • Complete tracking of calls for performance evaluation.
  • Utilize templates for personalized messages to leads within seconds.
  • Leverage chatbot features for efficient and automated communication.
  • Seamless integration with various platforms, including Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • In-depth analytics for tracking people, calls, sales, and custom reports.
  • Monitor, compare, and incentivize your team’s performance.

Why Choose TeleCRM?

  •  Sales growth may achieved through auto/power dialers, WhatsApp follow-ups, and WhatsApp marketing.
  • This tool helps you to convert numerous leads into clients.

User Review: It’s amazing for team management and leading a project.


  • Useful for team management and project leadership.
  • It is easy to start, super user-friendly and excels at its core functionality.
  • Simplicity of User Experience


  • Some options are restricted and not available for free.


To sum up, choosing the right telemarketing software is a secret ingredient for businesses looking to enhance their sales, build better customer relationships, and get the most out of their marketing efforts. It is not just an add-on but a valuable tool that can automates tasks, boosts efficiency, ensuring your agent engages with the right prospects at the right time.   So, if you’re navigating the telemarketing landscape, consider Ozonetel telemarketing software not just as a choice but as a strategic investment that can help you unlock success in customer interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telemarketing tools are specialized software or applications that help businesses streamline various aspects of their telemarketing activities. These tools help engage with customers, generate quality leads, update contact lists, and track prospects efficiently. The key features offered by the software include lead management, call tracking, auto-dialing, and analytics, empowering businesses to conduct efficient and targeted customer outreach.

Telemarketing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a popular practice adopted by businesses that outsource their telemarketing activities to external service providers. It is also referred to as inside sales and is known to be a common form of direct marketing. In a BPO setting, trained professionals handle outbound calls for tasks such as lead generation, appointment setting, and customer acquisition. This process helps in conversions and increasing sales through telephone calls

Telemarketers commonly use specialized telemarketing software such as CloudAgent by Ozonetel, Five9, Vicidial, VanillaSoft, Convoso, Capsule, and CallShaper. These tools offer a range of features, including call management, lead tracking, and analytics, enabling telemarketers to conduct efficient and targeted campaigns.

Telesales software is a specialized tool that enables businesses to support sales activities conducted over the phone. It typically includes features for managing leads, tracking calls, and analyzing performance. This tool boosts the overall efficiency of sales teams engaged in telephonic outreach.

Telecalling software is a comprehensive tool used for managing and optimizing telephonic communications. With features like call tracking, automated dialing, and performance analytics, it facilitates effective telecalling campaigns. It also enables smooth and efficient call communication and helps enterprises ease the customer support process.

To purchase Ozonetel telemarketing software, you can visit the official Ozonetel website and navigate to the “Products” or “Solutions” section. There, you’ll find information about their CloudAgent platform, which is designed for telemarketing and contact center needs. Contacting Ozonetel’s sales or customer support team through the provided channels will allow you to discuss your specific requirements, receive a customized quote, and proceed with the purchase process.

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