Top 10 Speech Analytics Software of 2024: An In-depth Look

Rakesh Kr Jha

Oct 3, 2023 | 9 mins read

Being ahead of the curve is not just a goal but a requirement in a market where customer expectations constantly change. As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer interactions, it becomes increasingly clear that understanding and addressing your audience is more important than ever.

Every time your customers communicate with you, they leave behind a trail of insights, desires, and requests. It’s not whether you should pay attention but how effectively you can decipher the valuable clues hidden within their words. This is where Speech Analytics will come into play and prove to be a game-changer.

It involves more than just hearing what is being said; it also entails understanding the underlying causes and offering actionable insights to improve conversations, customer satisfaction, sales, and customer loyalty.

Now, let us look at the  best call center speech analytics software available to businesses today and help you choose the right one for your business. 

How to Choose the Right Speech Analytics Software?

When choosing a Speech analytics tool, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for your business. Here is an essential checklist of features to look for:

Accuracy of Speech-to-Text Transcription: Ensure the tool offers correct transcriptions, as this serves as the foundation for analysis.

Sentiment Analysis: Determine if the voice analytics software can detect consumer sentiment and emotions effectively.

Real-time Monitoring: Real-time analytics can be critical for resolving issues as they arise.

Integration Ease: Consider how readily the product interfaces with your existing systems, such as CRM software, communication channels, and other analytics tools. Workflows can be streamlined using integration capabilities.

Scalability: Determine whether the tool can expand with your company. Check that it can manage growing amounts of data and interactions.

Compliance and Security: If regulatory compliance is a problem, ensure the tool has compliance monitoring and security features such as encryption and access restrictions.

User-Friendliness: Evaluate the tool’s user interface and general user experience. To maximize its utility, it should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Reviews and Ratings: Research the vendor’s industry reputation and read customer reviews. Consider soliciting opinions and experiences from current users.

Best Speech Analytics Software in 2023


Ozonetel Speech Analytics Software provides detailed insights from customer conversations using advanced AI. It helps evaluate your team comprehensively and improves quality audits by automatically generating valuable insights from every interaction.

The Speech Analytics Software helps you manage escalations, provide call quality on multiple parameters, and differentiate between first-time callers and repeat customers. This, in turn, allows you to control all your customer communications completely. Businesses have used its voice analytics software to significantly improve Agent Performance within 4-5 weeks of deployment. 

Ozonetel’s patented algorithm won the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award 2022 for ts highly differentiated solution. Unlike expensive GPU-based models with 30–45-day implementation, the Ozonetel solution can be deployed in 3-4 days, uses far less data, training time & computing power, and achieving 60% accuracy within a day

Key features:

  • Convert QA parameters such as decibel levels, speaking rate, participation ratio into automated scores
  • Get detailed insights including call transcripts, call quality score, agent score etc.- within minutes
  • Accurate transcription reduces the risk of missing vital information.
  • Identify escalated and time-consuming conversations to prioritize process improvements effectively
  • Multiple options to slice and dice your data

Reasons to choose:

  • Can be deployed within days, not months
  • Achieves 60% accuracy within a day
  • Offers custom-built QA reports to align with your processes.

Users review

G2 Ozonetel rating is 4.6 out of 5.

Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Speech Analytics Software streamlines insights from interactions, enabling efficient analysis regardless of volume. The Voice Analytics platform securely monitors language and tone, enhancing dispute resolution, and pinpoints agent strengths for improved training and performance.

Key features:

  • Complete voice transcription & phase recognition.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Intent miner
  • Spot important keywords in conversations for pattern recognition.
  • Analyze customer interactions to reveal trends for strategic decisions and improvement.

Reasons to choose:

  • Assess agent performance and identify improvement areas.
  • Harness AI-powered data for valuable customer insights.
  • Gain a holistic view of customer interactions by integrating across channels.

Users review

G2 Genesys Cloud CX rating is 4.3 to 5.


Voicebase is a comprehensive, AI-driven voice analytics solution for businesses seeking to extract valuable insights from their customer interactions.

Key features:

  • Maximize deep learning for accurate voice-to-text conversion with VoiceBase’s ASR technology, simplifying audio content analysis and search.
  • Automatically identify specified keywords or phrases within audio recordings for efficient content classification and search.
  • Verify speaker identity with VoiceBase’s voice biometric analysis.
  • Tailor dashboards to your company’s needs for data visualization.
  • Leverage audio data trends and patterns for data-driven decision support.

Reasons to choose:

  • Precision with AI, Achieve pinpoint speech recognition and transcription accuracy.
  • Access real-time insights for smarter decision-making during customer interactions.
  • Customize the platform to match your business’s unique requirements.

Users review

According to G2, Voicebase only got one review till now.


Observe.AI voice analytics software is driven by AI, which is at the forefront of revolutionizing customer service. Businesses can better listen to, comprehend, and respond to consumer input.

Key features:

  • Agent Monitoring, Customize QA checks to track and enhance agent performance and compliance.
  • Improves training with AI-generated agent voices.
  • Easily manage customer interactions across multiple channels with our platform.
  • Measures customer satisfaction through real-time sentiment analysis.
  • Enhances customer care quality with AI-generated insights and recommendations from analyzed interactions.

Reasons to choose:

  • Thoroughly analyze customer interactions for better understanding.
  • Coach and train agents based on accurate data and insights.
  • Maintain legal compliance while delivering top-tier client care.

Users review

G2 Observe.AI rating is 4.7 out of 5.


Tethr is another AI-powered voice analytics software that aims to boost consumer insights and facilitate actionable business choices using sophisticated conversational analytics. This tool is handy as it is designed for web applications and Android users.

Key features:

  • Easily manage, filter, and analyze insights on a single dashboard.
  • Monitor customer sentiments, objections, rebuttals, and frustration in dialogues.
  • Assess customer service effectiveness by tracking interaction-related KPIs.
  • Generate tailored reports and dashboards to meet your unique needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other business tools, enhancing its utility within your tech stack.

Reasons to choose:

  • Use AI for efficient customer interaction insights.
  • Gauge your performance against industry standards for ongoing improvement.
  • Customize the platform to prioritize your business’s key metrics.

Users review

G2 Tethr AI rating is 4.6 out of 5.


Justcall provides thorough speech analytics solutions to improve customer service, sales, and compliance, empowering organizations with voice insights.

Key features:

  • Send and receive SMS alongside voice calls for effective text communication.
  • Seamlessly link JustCall with your CRM to manage customer data and call history.
  • Access virtual phone numbers from multiple countries for international outreach.
  • Boost call efficiency with the platform’s automated dialing feature.
  • Leave consistent messages with pre-recorded voicemails when calls go unanswered.
  • Gain insights into call performance and customer interactions through detailed statistics and reporting.
  • Customize your phone system by integrating Just Call with other essential business tools using its API.

Reasons to choose:

  • Access real-time data to address issues proactively.
  • Spot trends and key phrases for sales and support improvement.
  • Monitor urgent issues with customizable notifications.

Users review

G2 Just call rating is 4.2 out of 5.


Chorus is an innovative AI-driven platform that enhances customer and sales interactions using potent voice analytics, giving organizations helpful information about their talks.

Key features:

  • Performance Enhancement, Tailor coaching to boost sales team performance.
  • Effortlessly integrate with CRM and apps for improved workflow.
  • Use call data for effective, trend-based sales coaching.
  • Enable collaboration and feedback through accessible call recordings.
  • Automate call data input into third-party CRM systems.

Reasons to choose:

  • Improve performance for more transactions and earnings.
  • Equip sales teams for ongoing growth with coaching.
  • Enhance workflows by integrating with existing solutions.

Users review

G2 Chorus rating is 4.5 out of 5.


Salesken is a revolutionary speech analytics platform that equips companies to transform sales discussions into practical business plans using AI-driven insights.

Key features:

  • Create focused reports on key sales metrics.
  • Analyze sales conversations for keywords, sentiments, and tone.
  • Monitor calls in real-time or review recordings for training.
  • Evaluate customer and sales rep sentiments for insights.
  • Identify important phrases for issue detection and strategy.
  • Connect with CRM and sales software for comprehensive insights.
  • Provide real-time feedback and training based on call data.

Reasons to choose:

  • Utilize insights for better sales tactics and higher conversion rates.
  • Measure sales performance against industry standards for growth.
  • Focus on key KPIs and tailor reports to your company’s goals.

Users review

G2 Salesken rating is 5 out of 5.


Wingman is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes sales dialogues by offering real-time coaching and analysis for sales teams using AI-driven insights.

Key features

  • Create focused reports for key sales metrics.
  • Analyze sales conversations for keywords, sentiments, and tone.
  • Monitor calls in real-time or review recordings for training.
  • Evaluate customer and sales rep sentiments for insights.
  • Identify important phrases for issue detection and strategy.
  • Connect with CRM and sales software for comprehensive insights.
  • Provide real-time feedback and training based on call data.

Reasons to choose:

  • Offer real-time guidance to sales reps during conversations.
  • Discover effective methods and growth opportunities.
  • Adapt tactics to your company’s unique goals.

Users review

G2 Wingman rating is 4.5 out of 5.


Talkdesk is a comprehensive customer support platform with powerful call center speech analytics features that enable organizations to turn client interactions into actionable data.

Key features:

  • Gauge client emotions by analyzing conversation tone and phrases.
  • Automatically identify client needs using Talkdesk AI TrainerTM and AI intent models.
  • Easily track key conversational analytics, including sentiment, intent, and trending themes.
  • Use STT and NLP for call context, client intent, and sentiment in transcriptions.
  • Set up keyword-based alerts for critical client concerns.
  • Investigate client issues by listening to per-utterance call recordings.
  • Leverage AI to extract valuable insights from client interactions.
  • Monitor agent performance and compliance with customizable checks.

Reasons to choose:

  • Elevate customer service with actionable conversation data.
  • Ensure quality and compliance with customizable tests.
  • Integrate Talkdesk for a holistic view of client interactions.

Users review

G2 Talkdesk rating is 4.4 out of 5.


Speech and voice analytics software can help businesses capture the value of these words, converting every word from every customer conversation into actionable data. They help businesses make educated, customer-centric decisions on how to train agents, improve customer experience, or even improve their product features. 

Speech analytics is constantly evolving and improving, especially with the emergence of large language models (LLMs). This innovation can enable speech analytics to perform more complex and nuanced tasks, such as sentiment analysis, emotion detection, topic modeling, intent recognition, and more. These tasks can help businesses gain deeper insights into their customers’ needs, preferences, expectations, and feedback. Therefore, businesses that want to leverage speech analytics should look for a long-term partner who can adapt to this rapidly changing tech and provide them with the best solutions.

Ozonetel is the right partner for speech analytics because it owns the complete tech stack, has been in the business for decades, and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions to its clients. Ozonetel is always at the forefront of innovation and keeps up with the latest developments in speech analytics technology. With Ozonetel’s speech analytics platform, you can transform your customer interactions and achieve your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speech Analytics Software is a program that analyzes spoken language in audio recordings, allowing organizations to glean important information from client interactions.

Speech Analytics entails transcribing and analyzing speech data with AI algorithms to acquire insights into consumer sentiment, patterns, and more.

Speech Analytics Software is used in contact centers, banking, and healthcare sectors to improve customer service, sales tactics, compliance monitoring, and quality assurance.

Speech analytics technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and automated speech recognition (ASR).

To apply speech analytics, choose a good solution, integrate it with your systems, and teach your employees how to utilize it efficiently.

Sentiment analysis, keyword detection, compliance checks, and detecting trends are all examples of insights used to improve customer experiences and corporate initiatives.

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