Top Healthtech Companies to Watch in 2024

Prashanth Kancherla

Dec 20, 2023 | 11 mins read

The rise of healthtech firms is transforming how we experience and receive medical care. The rapid advancement in technology has made healthcare more accessible, efficient, and personalized. For patients, this means easier appointment scheduling, personalized messages, and the ability to connect with healthcare professionals remotely. 

It’s not just a change in the industry – it’s a shift towards putting patients at the center of healthcare, using technology to make their health journeys more connected and convenient. It’s about giving us more control and making healthcare more tailored to patient needs. 

In this article, we will explore India’s top 15 health tech startups, what they offer, and what patients say about them. But before that let’s first understand what is healthtech & how it is different from the traditional healthcare providers.

What is Healthtech?

Healthtech is the combination of technology and health that transforms the way healthcare is delivered through tools, software, and data analytics. Beyond mere technology, its goals include enhancing patient safety, lowering medical mistakes, and improving healthcare quality.

In addition to innovation, health technology is dedicated to a future of efficient and customized healthcare, opening the door to a more connected and healthy world.

Advantages of Healthtech Companies over Traditional Healthcare Providers

Communication and patient experience are critical areas where healthtech companies often excel compared to traditional healthcare providers. Healthtech innovation is disrupting the healthcare sector in India, helping curb rising costs, reduce wait times, and deliver patient-centric care.
Attributes Healthtech Traditional Healthcare
Communication and Patient Experience Excels in communication and patient experience May face challenges in these critical areas
Remote Consultations and Telehealth Facilitates remote consultations, widening access to specialists Limited access to remote consultations, especially in remote areas
Appointment Scheduling and Reminders Offers online scheduling and automated reminders Processes may be less streamlined, and reminders may be less common
Language and Accessibility Designed with multilingual support and accessibility features May not always cater to diverse communication preferences
Cost-effectiveness Results in cost savings, providing more affordable alternatives Traditional methods may be more resource-intensive and costly
Patient Confidentiality Emphasizes secure communication, prioritizing privacy Varied focus on secure communication and patient confidentiality
Preventive Healthcare Focuses on preventive measures and monitoring Emphasis on treatment rather than proactive health measures
Personalized Communication Enables tailored communication strategies Limited ability to personalize interactions for individual needs
Feedback and Surveys Incorporates features for collecting patient feedback Limited emphasis on systematic patient feedback and surveys
Conversational Continuity Maintains consistent and coordinated communication Communication may be fragmented across different touchpoints
Consultative Care Encourages patient involvement and collaborative care Traditional approach may be more provider-centric with limited patient involvement


Cult.Fit revolutionizes fitness with fun and easy workouts led by top-notch trainers. It is not exclusively a health tech company. This platform provides a holistic approach to fitness, including workout sessions, healthy recipes, and mental well-being resources. Additionally, Cult. Fit provides full body health checkups, which most people do not know about.

Key Offerings:

  • Allows users to choose a start date for flexibility.
  • Provides diverse passes like Cultpass Elite, Pro, and At-home for various fitness needs.
  • Live workouts at home for free.
  • Users can explore fitness, healthy food, and meditation sessions.


  • Varied formats with experienced trainers.
  • A unique facility for  balanced fitness.
  • Flexible Start Date for fitness packs.
  • Expert Trainers for effective workouts


  • Location Limitations.
  • Pack Selection Complexity.
  • Limited Pricing Transparency.

User Reviews: I was also introduced to the Cult plate concept, after which I modified my eating habits. I’m extremely satisfied with this program.


CureSee Diagnostics is the world’s first and most revolutionary AI-based vision therapy software. This platform offers AI-powered vision therapy for lazy eyes (Amblyopia). It emphasizes adult treatment, challenging traditional perceptions, and has gained recognition for its innovative contributions to the field.

Key Offerings

  • AI-Based Vision Therapy
  • The SaaS solution is available online and offline, ensuring flexibility.
  • Provide significant improvements in visual acuity for amblyopic patients.


  • Designed for easy and effective vision therapy
  • Trusted by leading eye care hospitals.
  • Available online and offline

User Reviews: Curesee vision therapy is great in improving patients’ vision in difficult cases as well

Dr Lal PathLabs

Dr. Lal PathLabs is a well-known diagnostic center and pathology lab in India. They have a vast network of medical laboratories throughout the country and specialize in conducting various pathology tests, including blood tests. These tests help diagnose and monitor health conditions accurately.

Key Offerings

  • Offers a range of diagnostic tests for various medical conditions.
  • Provide comprehensive pathology tests, including blood tests
  • Operating a network of medical laboratory centers across India to facilitate convenient access to diagnostic services.


  • It is present in many cities and states with numerous collection centers.
  • Reports are generated online.


  • Miscommunication about the parameters covered in the test.
  • Customer reporting response is slow, with a wait-and-see approach.

User Reviews: It was a great experience with Dr. lal path labs. I’m very satisfied with the service.


ekincare mainly focuses on corporate health and wellness, providing innovative health benefits platforms and predictive, preventive, and personalized solutions. Leading companies trust it and offer full services, including OPD benefits and mental health programs. ekincare collaborates with Mylab to promote the NASOVAC-S4 influenza nasal vaccine, emphasizing a holistic approach to health.

Key Offerings

  • Full-stack platform for OPD, medical rooms, financing, mental health, and more.
  • 10,000+ partners nationwide for accessible health support.
  • Flexible planning saves up to 90% of health benefit program costs.
  • AI-powered integrated health benefit platforms for corporate wellness
  • Ekincare offers a Health Assistant app on Google Play, facilitating health management for users


  • From a medical records platform to India’s top health benefits provider.
  • Addresses burnout, mental well-being, and occupational hazards.


Detailed Cost Structure is not provided on the website.

User reviews: Good app for medical support and fitness track. Tracking of activity and challenges.


Healthians is India’s leading health test at-home service with over 20 lac satisfied customers. Operating in 250+ cities, it offers a wide range of health tests, prioritizing accuracy, and seamless customer experience through tech-enabled processes.

Key Offerings

  • Tests available in 250+ Indian cities with home collection.
  • SmartPrik kits, pre-barcoded vials, and CoolSure boxes for seamless testing.
  • Advanced processes and trained staff ensure accurate reports.


  • Tech-Enabled testing process.
  • Offers a wide range of health tests.
  • Prioritizes a seamless customer journey.


  • Some users reported delayed test results 

User Reviews: I was an old customer of Healthians, and their way of presenting reports is good; reports would be delivered on time.


Innovaccer is a company that offers digital healthcare products for both doctors and patients. Their Healthcare CRM facilitates holistic patient engagement, and they also provide solutions like patient-centric MedTech, and Health Cloud powered by unified patient data. Innovaccer serves doctors by making referral management and patient engagement easier.

Key Offerings

  • Innovaccer enhances patient engagement with innovative technologies.
  • Innovaccer’s journey center focuses on efficient care and exceptional patient experiences.
  • Unifies data for improved outcomes through a single patient record.
  • Facilitates rapid development of interoperable digital health solutions with FHIR-compliant APIs.


  • Facilitates a comprehensive view of patient health data
  • Provides whole-person care
  • Efficiency in care delivery


Risk of overwhelming healthcare professionals with large volumes of data from multiple sources.

User Reviews: Innovaccer has demonstrated a unique ability to aggregate and normalize data.


Janitri offers medical-grade fetal and maternal monitoring devices for hospitals and smart home use. Their technology ensures safety and accuracy in pregnancy. Trusted by over 400 hospitals.

Key Offerings

  •   Hospital-focused app assisting in monitoring prenatal
  •   Wireless fetal heart rate monitoring devices for hospital and home use with auto-generated reports and patient comfort.
  • A pregnancy monitoring app with kick tracking, device connectivity, and report sharing.


  • Affordable & Portable
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Clinical Validation


According to some users Janitri devices  don’t support Apple phones.

 User Reviews: Great product for fetal monitoring anytime, anywhere.


MediBuddy is providing 24/7 access to high-quality healthcare. As an end-to-end digital healthcare solution, it weaves together doctors, hospitals, healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies to offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services. From online and offline consultations to lab test bookings, medicine delivery, corporate health, and wellness services, MediBuddy ensures all healthcare needs are met.

Key Offerings

  • Access healthcare professionals remotely through online consultations.
  • Facilitates in-person consultations through branded MediBuddy clinics.
  • Ensures the timely and efficient delivery of medicines.
  • Offers the convenience of doing lab tests at home.
  • Provides services tailored for corporate health and wellness programs.
  • Supports and facilitates various aspects of surgical care.


  • Integrates a wide range of healthcare services into a single platform.
  • Ensures round-the-clock access.
  • Collaborates with a vast network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers


According to some users, Most medicines are not available.

User Reviews: All the health care services on a single platform. Thanks to the team for making the successful platform.


MFine is a comprehensive digital healthcare platform that consolidates diverse healthcare services under one umbrella. As a one-stop solution, MFine seamlessly connects users with many healthcare resources, including online consultations, lab tests, scans, medicine delivery, and specialized care programs.

Key Offerings:

  • Connects users to top doctors across 35+ specialties.
  • Provides lab tests at home in 60 minutes.
  • Collaborates with top hospitals for digital scans.
  • Facilitates the convenient delivery of medicines.
  • Tailored programs for managing long-term health issues


  • Provide holistic healthcare services
  • users can access top doctors, lab tests, scans, and medicines seamlessly 
  • Offers video consultations with doctors


Some services, such as lab tests, may be subject to geographical constraints.

User Reviews: It is a very useful app where you can find doctors anytime.


Netmeds is a top online pharmacy in India. It offers a wide range of medication and medical supplies with doorstep delivery. You can also book lab tests and buy health packages through Netmeds Lab Tests. It is available in second and third-tier cities and rural villages.

Key Offerings

  • Provide diagnostics tests and packages with discounts
  • Timely and reliable delivery of a diverse range of medicines.
  • Access to OTC products, including healthcare and wellness products.
  • Seamless prescription upload for hassle-free medication purchases.
  • Online consultation services with qualified healthcare professionals.


  • Home access to medicines and healthcare products.
  • Online access to healthcare professionals.
  • User-friendly Netmeds app.
  • Large collection of medicines.
  • Offers 10-15% discount.


  • Variable delivery times based on location.
  • Limited service areas.
  • Occasional technical glitches.
  • Requires a prescription for each medicine.

User Reviews: For your medicine needs, they are the best choice.


NIRAMAI is a healthcare technology company focusing on breast cancer screening. Their innovative solution, Thermalytix, uses a thermal device for radiation-free, safe, and cost-effective early detection, benefiting women of all ages.

Key Offerings

  • NIRAMAI offers novel breast cancer screening solutions
  • It provides a convenient home screening option for breast cancer detection
  • Patients seeking screening services can easily book appointments through Niramai’s platform, streamlining the process.


  • Safety and Painless Screening
  • Privacy Focus: Ensures complete privacy during screening.


Focuses on breast cancer screening; diversification details would be useful.

User Reviews: Niramai has great opportunities to improve women’s lives and health around the world.


PharmEasy, India’s leading digital healthcare platform, offers a wide range of medicines and health products, providing on-demand access, diagnostic services, and teleconsultations with a focus on simplifying healthcare. It offers a range of diagnostic services, including pathology lab tests and health checkup packages.

Key offerings

  • A platform for medicines, healthcare products, diagnostics, and teleconsultations.
  • Committed to affordable healthcare with guiding values.
  • Users can access their diagnostic test reports conveniently through the platform.
  • Doctor-verified reports.


  • Vast retail network across the country.
  •  Orders are delivered in as little as 4 hours.
  • Over 25 million users, indicating trust.
  •  Affordable Healthcare


  • Times may vary by location.
  • Some service details may need clarification.
  •  Service Area Limitations

User Reviews: Good experience overall. The guy who confirmed the order was very helpful.


Practo offers diagnostic services, allowing users to book tests from home at competitive prices. Additionally, this platform offers a secure platform connecting patients with doctors online and provides online consultations, appointment bookings, and subscription-based health plans. It aims to make quality healthcare accessible to over a billion Indians.

Key Offerings

  • Verified information about a vast network of doctors across India.
  • Online Appointment Booking: Seamless scheduling at 9,000+ hospitals and clinics with Virtual consultations with trusted doctors across 20+ specialties.
  • Unlimited 24/7 online consultations with doctors through Practo Plus.


  • Extensive Network of clinics/hospitals partnered.
  • Full healthcare services
  •  Prioritizes trust, transparency, and

ethical communication.


  • Online consultation limitations are not suitable for emergencies.
  •  Limited Real-Time Information

User reviews: The first app that tells you about the doctors and clinics near you.

Redcliffe Labs

Redcliffe Labs, a leading diagnostic service provider in India, offers integrated radiology and pathology services. With a network of 80+ labs and 2000+ collection centers, it aims to make healthcare accessible and affordable through tech-driven processes.

Key Offerings

  • Online test booking
  • Home Sample Collection
  • Offers a loyalty program with exclusive benefits, including discounts on pathology tests and priority services.
  • It offers an express option for urgent test bookings, providing customers with a more convenient way to expedite sample collection.


  • Utilizes advanced technology for tamper-proof sample collection.
  • Aim to make quality healthcare services accessible to all.
  • Ensures a seamless customer journey from test booking


  • VIP program limits benefits to 10 monthly bookings
  • Some areas may experience delays in assigning sample collection.

User Reviews: It is one of the best labs in Delhi. The reports are accurate and work immediately.


Sunfox is an R&D lab that develops advanced healthcare tech for global accessibility. They secured an All-Shark deal on Shark Tank India. Notable for creating the Spandan 4.0 Portable 12-Lead ECG Device – a revolutionary heart monitor that performs advanced medical-grade ECG tests.

Key Offerings

  • Offers biomedical devices for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, asthma, and more.
  • Advanced, portable, offering unlimited ECG interpretation for enhanced healthcare.
  • Global accessibility: Sunfox is breaking down healthcare barriers for everyone.


  • Spandan is a pocket-friendly solution
  • At-home cardiac monitoring for heart patients


  • Limited Online Presence
  • Sometimes gives misleading information.

User Reviews: it was very easy to use, and anyone can use this product. It also gives very accurate results.

How Cloud Solutions Help Improve Patient Experience

Healthcare companies can leverage CX platforms or cloud solutions to improve customer experience in the following ways: 

Meet Patients Anytime, Anywhere: Book appointments, access reports, and receive advice seamlessly across multiple channels, including WhatsApp and phone calls, enhancing accessibility and patient convenience.

Boost Patient Engagement Across Channels: Personalize reminders for refills, tests, and follow-ups, updating patients on new offerings to enhance patient engagement and encourage proactive healthcare management.

Data Security and Compliance: Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and bolster data security through robust cloud solutions, building patient trust in the secure handling of sensitive health information.

Personalized Communication: Leverage customer data for tailored communication, automating personalized messages for health updates, appointment reminders, and post-care instructions to enhance engagement and satisfaction.

Streamline On-field Staff Management: Efficiently manage on-field staff with automated notifications, reminders, and coordination tools, ensuring seamless communication among healthcare professionals.

Offer Conversational Continuity: Recognize patients across channels, allowing them to switch seamlessly without re-identification, ensuring a continuous and connected conversational experience.

Ensure 24×7 Service & Support: Enable 24/7 self-service for appointments and reports, facilitating a seamless bot-to-human transition for complex queries and ensuring continuous support for patients.

Unified Patient Records: Integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to provide healthcare professionals with a unified view of patient records, streamlining information access for comprehensive care.


In a world where technology is seamlessly integrated with well-being, these pioneering companies are both service providers and creators of a healthier future. They are trying to fill the gaps in the healthcare system by utilizing the potential of IoT and the expertise of AI and Machine Learning.

The healthcare landscape in India is evolving, and these companies are leading the charge, navigating obstacles, and creating solutions that are not just practical but profoundly human.

Our exploration of Healthtech has been as informative for you as it has been for us. As we move into the future of healthcare in India, let’s carry the enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and positivity these companies have instilled in their services. Here’s to a healthier, happier, and more technology-driven tomorrow. The revolution has already begun, and we are all a part of it.

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