Best Click to Call Solutions for Your Business (Features & Reviews)

Prashanth Kancherla

Dec 13, 2023 | 14 mins read

Click-to-call is a simple way for customers to talk directly to businesses. This helps both parties communicate in real-time and answer questions quickly. Moreover, Research shows that 88% of customers are more likely to initiate contact if there’s a click-to-call option on a website.

Businesses are using click-to-call to improve customer interactions, providing quick and efficient assistance to customers. This tool enables real-time communication, smart customer segmentation, and valuable data collection for better customer journey mapping. 

This article explains how businesses, especially contact centers, can benefit by using click-to-call solutions to improve customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and overall operational efficiency. 

To choose the best click-to-call solution for your business, we will explore the top 14 click-to-call tools. Therefore, You select the most suitable click-to-call solution for your business and explore the advantages of using it.

Benefits of Click-to-Call Solution

With click-to-call solution, you can connect instantly with customers, save time, and engage customers effortlessly. Here are the benefits of click-to-call solution.

  • Save time on every outbound call and offer the convenience of calling from the CRM window.
  • Access customer information instantly & provide quick resolution to their issues and queries.
  • Through analytics,  analyze customer behavior, evaluate agent performance & make data-driven decisions.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming task of manual dialing and focus more on engaging & meaningful conversations.
  • Record and revisit crucial conversations, providing sales reps with a valuable resource for follow-ups.

What is a Click-to-Call Solution?

Click-to-Call is a convenient technology that allows users to initiate phone calls by clicking on a designated button or link, typically found on a website or within a mobile app. This feature enables customers to communicate directly with businesses, which helps to improve user experience and engagement.

Many companies use Click-to-Call technology to allow customers to request an immediate call from a sales representative. When a customer uses Click-to-Call, it shows they have a high demand for the company’s offerings and require an immediate follow-up.

Click-to-call is one of the quickest and easiest ways for customers to contact an organization directly, requiring just one button click.

How to Choose Click-to-Call Tools?

Evaluate Features: Assess the software’s features, such as call analytics, integrations, and customization options, to ensure they align with your business needs.

User-Friendly Interface: Choose software with an intuitive interface for seamless user adoption and efficient call management.

Compatibility: Ensure the software integrates well with your existing systems and platforms to streamline workflows.

Reliability: Opt for a reliable click-to-call solution with minimal downtime, providing consistent service for your communication needs.

Setup and Configuration: Consider software that offers straightforward setup and configuration processes, like the ability to customize click-to-call settings for optimal performance.

Browser Compatibility: Check if the software is compatible with popular browsers, and if needed, explore browser extensions or plugins for enhanced functionality.

Platform Support: Ensure the click-to-call software is compatible with your operating system, especially using specific setups like Windows.

User Reviews: Research user reviews and testimonials to gauge user satisfaction and identify potential issues.

Ozonetel’s click-to-call feature lets users call customers and prospects directly from their contact list or CRM system. Ozonetel can seamlessly integrate with any CRM platform and automatically update contact information. Additionally, our tool records all calls made and associates them with the corresponding customer profile.

Key Features

  • Plug & play to activate this feature from almost any CRM including homegrown ones.
  • We offer free onboarding, training, and 24/7 phone support to help growing companies.
  • We offer free extra capabilities to increase efficiency while making outgoing calls and simplify call handling.
  • You can enhance business communication with seamless CRM integration for efficient operations.
  • Complaint-free assistance from the point of research to the point of sale.
  • You can achieve exceptional dependability with an N+1 redundant infrastructure, guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime.
  • We provide best-in-market pricing with a high-quality cloud phone suite.

Why Choose Ozonetel?

  • The browser-based solution can be accessed by your teams from anywhere.
  • There is no need for toggling between windows. You can work directly from your CRM window.
  • Makes it easier for agents to follow up with customers and prospects.

User Reviews: 4.5/5 by G2

User Ratings: The overall experience has been impressive, making Ozonetel a valuable tool for our communication needs. Simply put, it’s awesome!

Pricing: We provide a 21-day free trial so that you can explore our tool comfortably.  To know the full pricing, you can contact our team.

2. Knowlarity

With the Click-to-dial solution from Knowlarity, organizations can enable instantaneous contact between customers and sales/support staff in real time. This software is already popular in industries like BFSI, education, and food delivery. Knowlarity is leading the way in automating customer interaction by enabling users to call you with only one click.

Key Features

  • Multi-level for instant customer interaction and seamless query resolution.
  • Real-time for maintaining quality standards and training purposes.
  • Smart routing minimizes wait time, optimizing customer experience.
  • Hassle-free integration with plug-and-play for website or app.
  • Personalized greetings, custom music, and skill-based routing for optimization.

Why choose the Knowlarity click-to-call tool?

  • It is user-friendly for organizations since users can easily route calls to multiple phone numbers with unique extensions.
  • The platform ensures a seamless interface with current systems by providing easy and error-free CRM integration.

User Rating: 4/5 by G2

User Review:  It is integrated into CRM, so very easy to use just click and call. 

Pricing: Knowlarity provides a free trial. You just need to fill in your business details to get started.

3. Talkdesk

Simplify your calling process with Talkdesk’s  Click to Call functionality. Enable your agents to make calls directly from their preferred platforms, such as CRM or Helpdesk. This feature accelerates the calling process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

  • Initiate calls seamlessly from various business tools, benefiting from call center software capabilities like IVR, call recording, and automated workflows.
  • Eliminate the need for agents to switch between interfaces, ensuring a time-saving and streamlined experience.
  • Empower outbound sales teams to reach more leads, resulting in increased closed deals and revenue.
  • Mobile-friendly features, including click-to-dial, facilitate efficient communication from any location.

Why Choose Talkdesk Click-to-Call?

Boost agent efficiency by eliminating manual dialing, reducing errors, and ensuring a smoother calling experience.

Enhance flexibility with the ability for agents to work remotely, fostering efficient collaboration.

User Rating: 4.4/5 by G2

User Review: Talkdesk has a wonderful platform that allowed us to get from start-up to working at a consistent level.

Pricing: Talkdesk has 4 pricing editions. Check here for more information

4. MyOperator

The Click-to-Call solution from MyOperator is made to simplify communication procedures so that companies can easily place calls with clients with only a click or touch. This platform is set to transform how organizations handle customer contacts with features like call recording, tracking, and easy CRM connection.

Key Features

  • Monitor every client call and evaluate agent performance in real time.
  • Access through customer call reports and daily email and SMS insights for in-depth business analytics.
  • Helps with quality control by allowing you to monitor company calls and assess team performance through timely recorded customer discussions.
  • With MyOperator’s user-friendly panel offering immediate insights, you can monitor all business call activity in real time.
  • Consolidate caller data into a single window for increased productivity by seamlessly integrating your CRM with MyOperator’s phone system.
  • Make sure follow-ups from the web panel are quick and simple.

Why Choose MyOperator?

The platform’s simplified call management procedures allow agents to handle several calls simultaneously and guarantee prompt follow-ups on missed calls.

It automates time-consuming procedures and improves employee convenience

User Ratings: 4.1/5 by G2

User Reviews: With MyOperator, the way we can manage all the incoming calls is the best thing.

Pricing: you can start this tool for free by filling in some business details.

5. Nextiva

Nextiva’s Click-to-dial feature simplifies making outbound calls. This efficient VoIP solution allows businesses to easily move through their call lists, streamlining communication and saving valuable time

Key Features

  • Improve customer interactions with an automated attendant for efficient call handling.
  • Manage calls seamlessly with instant alerts for efficient communication.
  • Optimize staff efficiency by recording and analyzing calls for compliance and training.
  • Quickly identify and engage in personalized conversations with advanced Caller ID.
  • Experience clear communication with HD speech technology.
  • Provide unlimited VoIP calls for unrestricted company communication.

Why Choose Nextiva:

  • This platform provides live support 24/7 from an in-house team to assist with your business needs.
  • Nextiva provides communication solutions that emphasize simplicity, reliability, and customer-centricity.

User Rating: 4,2/5  by Capterra

User Reviews: We found the entire process with Nextiva to be very effective, and they fit well with the ethos of our organization, which is always to be customer-centric

Pricing: Nextiva offers three pricing plans: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. Prices may vary based on the number of users.

6. Dialpad’s Click-to-Call

Dialpad Click-to-Call lets users make calls from their Chrome browser, streamlining communication. Dialpad’s Chrome CTI Extension enhances Click-to-Call functionality, and third-party apps can enable this feature for seamless calling.

Key Features

  • It integrates seamlessly with web browsers, eliminating extra downloads.
  • Enable Click-to-di aleffortlessly with Chrome, enhancing its functionality.
  • This tool extends its features to third-party apps, offering a versatile calling experience.

“It offers various features for modern communication, such as video conferencing and automatic transcription using AI technology.”

Why choose Dialpad’s Click-to-Call?

Dialpad’s click-to-call feature lets you make VoIP calls from your browser. It works in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

User Rating: 4.3/5  Capterra

User Reviews: The native app is easy to use, and easy integration with Google Contacts makes dialing a snap.

Pricing: Dialpad provides 14 days of free trial. For full pricing, you can go through their website. 

7. AirCall

Aircall’s Click-to-Dial tool streamlines your team’s calling process, saving precious seconds on every call. You may efficiently phone any number with the Aircall app with a single click. More than 17,000 businesses rely on this functionality, increasing customer satisfaction with easy browser integration and robust after-call options.

Key Features

    • Aircall’s Click-to-Dial speeds up calls, saving seconds each time.
    • Combine features for focused sales and issue resolution.
    • Aircall’s Click-to-Dial smoothly works with popular browsers like Chrome.
    • Its AirCall’s user-friendly and potent features increase sales performance.

Why Choose AirCall Click to call.

  • With the cutting-edge VoIP solutions from AirCall, you can improve corporate communication. 
  • This tool provides communication solutions for businesses of any size, no matter how big or small.

User Rating: 4.3/5 by Capterra

User Reviews: By automatically posting call recordings, answering phone messages and any missed calls straight into deals, my team and I can keep a consistent history of all deal activity in one location.

Pricing: You can start a free trial with Aircall to explore its other features apart from click-to-call. Moreover, they provide a flexible pricing plan.

8. Novocall

Novocall’s Click-to-Call solution automates instant calls and scheduled callbacks, connecting you with leads effortlessly. Novocall can be embedded into a digital customer touchpoint, and this can come in various forms.

  • Easily integrate click-to-call features into Facebook Lead Forms & capture lead sources.
  • Record calls to track performance or discover meaningful insights from conversations.
  • Send pre-call automated SMS and emails to reduce no-show rates significantly.
  • Use dashboard to gain deep and meaningful insights into your team’s performance.

Why Choose Novocall

Novocall integrates with Google and Outlook calendars. This ensures leads schedule calls within your sales reps’ available timeslots. The solution also employs smart lead routing rules based on language, location, and availability.

User Rating: 4.7/5 by G2

User Review: I got the lifetime deal, so the pricing was great. The development team keeps updating the tool, which is really good.

Pricing: Pricing is built for teams and businesses of all sizes. Novocall offers packages in three categories – Pro, Team & Business

9. Servetel

The Click-to-Call widget from Servetel can help your website convert more leads. Maximize the likelihood of lead conversion by streamlining client inquiries and guaranteeing prompt, hassle-free interaction. Click2Call is a productive communication tool that incorporates comprehensive reporting, CRM compatibility, and customization choices.

Key Features

  • Allow customers to connect at their preferred time.
  • Use the callback button seamlessly on various devices.
  • Monitor and coach agents effectively with automatic call recording.
  • Gain insight into customer journeys for informed decisions.
  • Embed APIs in your portal or app for quick connections without manual dialing.

Why Choose Servetel?

This solution offers a quick and cost-free option to connect with your organization by cutting down on time spent waiting and the bother of making a connection. The click-to-call service also guarantees you won’t pass on any possible clients.

User Rating: 4.6/5 by Techjockey

User Reviews: Servetel’s cloud telephony solution is one of the most affordable and user-friendly business call management software.

Pricing: You can try Servetel’s free plan for 10 days. After that, you can customize the plan as per our contact center requirements.

10. RingCentral

RingCentral’s click-to-dial solution simplifies the calling process by allowing users to initiate calls directly from linked phone or fax numbers on websites or text messages via the RingCentral app. 


Key Features

  • Quick and precise service calls with RingOut API and Embeddable widget.
  • Flexible click-to-dial CRM workflow options include extensions, Embeddable CRM Framework, and APIs.
  • Improved outbound calls with scheduling and customer preference management through CRM-integrated click-to-dial.
  • Access tailored integration solutions through datasheets, whitepapers, and case studies on RingCentral Developers.
  • Industry-specific click-to-dial integration with support for healthcare, finance, retail, education, and more via App Gallery.

Why choose RingCentral?

Collaboration is made easy with RingCentral’s Team Huddle spaces and one-click interactive audio calls, which enhance communication efficiency and teamwork.

User rating: 4.3/5  by GetApp

User Reviews: I love the functionality of this product. I can easily access the normal “office phone functions, and now I can text clients and candidates.

Pricing:  RingCentral provides diverse pricing plans as per contact center needs. 

11.  Ameyo’s

Ameyo’s Click to Call phone solution is trusted by over 7100 companies worldwide. It streamlines the calling process by eliminating manual dialing, which helps in increasing lead conversion, total customer engagement, and operational efficiency. 

Key Features

  • Save agents’ time and enhance productivity with automated dialing.
  • Streamline workflows and reduce manual tasks for agents.
  • Increase the likelihood of converting leads with instant and informed conversations.
  • Ensure higher call connect rates and minimize missed opportunities.
  • Increase customer interactions with a seamless and efficient click-to-call solution.

Why Choose Ameyo?

With Ameyo’s click-to-call tool, you can get Improved customer segmentation and engagement. Therefore, provides more customer journey data.

User rating: 4.3/5  by G2

User reviews: Able to do almost every job, like auditing, recording, management, access monitoring, and data uploading.

Pricing: To try this tool, request a demo on the Ameyo website. 

12. Fonada

Easily connect with customers using Fonada’s click-to-call technology that’s seamlessly embedded into websites and mobile apps. Accelerate sales prospects with rapid one-to-one communication.

Key Features

  • Ensure customers connect anytime through an intuitive widget, eliminating missed opportunities.
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading CRMs for enhanced customer management.
  • Enable multiple parallel calls for broader audience engagement.
  • Instant one-to-one calls, reducing queues and boosting conversion.
  • Easily track and record customer communication for better insights.

Why Choose Fonada?

By facilitating direct connection between businesses and customers, Fonada’s Click-to-Call service aims to boost conversion likelihood. This may result in increased client satisfaction and engagement.

User ratings: 4/5 by Capterra

User reviews: The product was easy to use, and have received good technical support from the team

Pricing: Fonada provides a 30-day free trial, and to know the pricing, you need to contact their team.

13. Teleforce

With the help of Teleforce’s robust cloud-based Click-to-Call technology, You can easily integrate a practical and effective calling widget into their mobile applications or websites. With just one click, this intuitive technology allows companies and consumers to communicate instantly, optimizing the calling process for more productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Seamless widget integration for user-friendly implementation on websites and apps.
  • Initiate phone calls directly from CRM for efficient outreach and workflow.
  • Effortless widget integration ensures instant contact with website visitors.
  • Click-to-Call with settings for effective call volume management.
  • Robust tracking records every call for performance analysis and history.

Why Choose Teleforce’s Click-to-Call:

Teleforce’s Click-to-Call solution stands out for its user-centric design, robust features, and the positive impact it can have on lead conversion and customer satisfaction.

User Ratings: 4.5/5 by G2

User Reviews: The comfort and ease of use for calling customers and making sales.

Pricing: To know the full pricing plans, you need to contact their team

14. Exotel

Exotel’s Click-to-Call solution is a great way to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. With one-click access to customer details, agents can easily integrate with your CRM and boost efficiency with state management. Whether for telesales or customer service, Its Click-to-Call is suitable for various use cases, ensuring a convenient, frictionless, and conversion-driven customer experience.

Key Feature

  • Quick access to customer data for effective, personalized support.
  • Easy integration with your current CRM allows for a seamless experience.
  • Use state management to quickly and effectively route calls to the next available agent.
  • There’s no need for numerous logins when you make and receive calls straight from your CRM.

Why choose Exotel? 

Exotel’s click-to-call feature allows agents to reach customers without manually dialing a number. It can also help protect customer privacy by masking phone numbers.

User Ratings: 4.3 /5 by G2

User Reviews: it is a user-friendly app, best for customer support services, and easy to interact with the clients and the customers.

Pricing: you can start the free trial in just 2 minutes by entering your company’s details.

15. Tata Tele Business

Tata Tele Business presents a strong Click-to-Call Solution, an API that links businesses and customers in seconds, allowing website visitors to connect instantly with your agents through a seamless click-to-call dialer. Whether you’re a service or product-based company, this solution is designed to convert website visitors into valuable leads.

Key Features

  • Get detailed data reporting and insights into each call with the click-to-call API.
  • Track incoming calls to improve the efficacy of your marketing activities.
  • Integrate the software with your existing CRM system
  • Avoid dialing numbers to save time and manually guarantee correct connections.
  • Real-time call monitoring lets you listen to real-time conversations for training and quality assurance.

Why Choose Tata TeleBusiness?

With Tata Tele Business, your agents will always be available to respond immediately to consumer demands when they click to call from their mobile devices.

Pricing: To try this tool, contact the Tata Tele Business team.

16. Techmet

Techmet is at the forefront of customer connection with its cutting-edge Click2Call Service, a potent tool to improve customer engagement and expedite communication.  Website visitors can quickly and easily contact the department or individual they’re looking for with just one click.

Key Features

  • Simplify customer engagement with a quick, easy process.
  • Establish a private, secure communication channel for callers and your company.
  • Deliver uniform, trustworthy, and professional information to all callers.
  • Ensure a smooth, effective communication experience for a professional image.
  • Guarantee immediate communication with potential clients, preventing missed web inquiries.
  • Scale effortlessly with a pricing model that grows with your company, avoiding the need for extra staff.

Why choose Techmet click-to-call?

  • Techmet click-to-call provides complete call logs and recordings for in-depth analysis that effortlessly integrates with your website, application, or CRM.
  • Ensure round-the-clock customer availability by enabling intelligent call routing, linking calls in the backend, and establishing office hours.

Pricing: They offer three pricing plans and custom plans if none of the existing ones meet your needs.


In a nutshell, the more ease you provide to your customers to contact you, the more they trust your business. The click-to-call solution is a must for businesses who want the conversation going with their customer and want to provide exceptional customer service. Click-to-Call opens cost-effective, multi-channel interactions that foster a customer-centric approach, propelling success in today’s dynamic landscape. Try Ozonetel’s click to call solution for your business and see your customer engagement growing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A click-to-call solution is an innovative feature on websites or applications that allows users to instantly make a call. It streamlines communication between users and businesses, offering a seamless calling experience.

As an alternative to “click-to-call,” it can be referred to as “dial-by-click” or “click-to-dial,” signifying the same functionality as initiating a call with a simple click.

The Click-to-Call API serves as a valuable tool for developers. It empowers them to integrate the click-to-call feature seamlessly into websites or applications, enhancing the user experience.

There are multiple benefits of a click-to-call button. It helps businesses instantly connect with customers, boosting engagement, reducing response times and enhancing the overall conversion rate.

To implement click-to-call, businesses can use a click-to-call API to integrate the feature into their website or application, allowing users to initiate phone calls with a simple click.

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