Advantages of combining UCaaS and CCaaS

Chaitanya Chokkareddy

Sep 29, 2023 | 6 mins read

On my visit to the US last month I couldn’t help but notice how different the communication landscape was in the US when compared with India.

Specifically, UCaaS is a huge industry in the US whereas it’s almost non existent in India. It’s like India skipped a generation. Like how India skipped the office phone and landline revolution. India jumped onto the mobile phone revolution directly.

Most businesses in India don’t have office phones and extensions. The mobile phone acts as both a personal device as well as an official device.

So I was curious as to how the industry was different in the US and what are the recent developments in that industry.

Turns out, combining UCaaS and CCaaS is a major thing in the communication industry. So lets try to look at what are the major advantages of actually integrating UCaaS and CCaaS. Are there any real advantages to combining?

Before looking at the advantages lets look at what do we mean by UCaaS and CCaaS. You can find a lot of definitions on the interwebs, but the most succinct way of defining the terms is as follows:

UCaaS definition:

Software used to facilitate internal communication(ex: among employees)

CCaaS definition:

Software used to facilitate external communication(ex: with customers)

So what advantages do we get by integrating software which helps with internal communication and software which helps with external communication?


  • Improved Collaboration: This is the only main advantage we get from integrating UCaaS and CCaaS. This will allow contact center agents to solve customer queries faster by connecting with internal employees quicker. This leads to better first all resolution numbers, the holy grail metric for contact centers.
  • Cost Savings: If a single software vendor can provide both UCaaS and CCaaS features, you can save on software licenses. Agent training costs can also be saved as the agents need not get trained on two different software. Finally, you can save on integration costs.
  • One view: By combining UCaaS and CCaaS the business can finally have one consolidated view of the full communication stack in the business allowing the business to find choke points and remove them. This will help in the overall customer experience and employee morale.

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