Using Sticky Agents to build strong customer relationships: A guide

Would you rather do business with someone you knew and trusted or with someone new and unfamiliar? Trust is a sticky business. Literally. People build trust over time, after numerous interactions with the same person.

Customer interactions over phone calls are no different. Connecting your customer to an agent they are familiar with, every single time they call allows your customer to relax, knowing they have connected with someone who knows their caller /customer history.

This leads to better customer experience, faster resolutions and less conflict. In industries such as education, property, and financial services it is the norm for customers/prospects to be mapped to a single counselors/representatives or agents.

How can you automate this customer relationship management? How can you ensure that every time your customer/prospect calls, they connect with the same agent? By using the Sticky Agent feature.

What is a Sticky Agent?

When your customer completes their first conversation with your agent, the Sticky Agent feature ensures that every time they call back, they connect with with the same agent. It essentially maps the customer/prospect to that agent for all future interactions.

This feature is useful whenever customer relationship management is a high priority. For example, it is invaluable in industries like real estate, concierge services, personalized travel advisories, and financial services. It is also useful for s emergency services, complaint resolution, and escalations. You could also offer it as a premium service offered to select clientele.

How to enable a Sticky Agent

To enable a Sticky Agent, you will need to configure Agent-Based Routing for your inbound calls. You will also need to enable tagging customer phone numbers to Agent IDs. Before this, you will need to set up some business rules. Let's explore what these are, step by step:

Step 1: Decide when you want this feature to be enabled.

All your calls need not be diverted to Sticky Agents. You can set up your Sticky Agents for:

Step 2: Set up the workflow

Why use the “Sticky Agent” feature?

Trust and relationship building are two major benefits of the Sticky Agent feature. But there are some other advantages too:

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