Skill-Based Routing: A guide to how, why and when to use it.

What is Skill-Based Routing?

Skill-based Routing is a feature available within your cloud telephony or contact center solution. It creates a logic that routes calls to an agent/group of agents based on the caller’s requirements. Each group of agents is called a skill. A caller is routed to a skill using either:

This form of routing is also known as hunting agents or department based routing.

How to create various Skills?

To enable skill based routing, the first thing you need to do is define skill groups within your contact center software. You define these based on the skills, capabilities or duties of your agents/sales representatives.

Here are some suggestions for how to divide your customer support agents or sales representatives into skills:

Why use skill-based routing?

How to configure Skill-based Routing

The FallBack Rule can be configured to Multiskill to route call to another skill and further to a different skill with timers to service the call with different skill groups as the business requires.


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