8 Business Benefits Of Owning A Drag-and-Drop IVR

Anita Raghav

Oct 27, 2023 | 5 mins read

Need to improve your IVR experience? Want to use it for stellar self-service? Need to send weekly Outbound IVR campaigns? You can achieve a lot more when your IVR is easy to design and modify. And this is what the Drag and Drop IVR promises to deliver. Read all about it here:

What is a Drag-and-Drop IVR?

A Drag–and–Drop IVR, or configurable IVR, is exactly like a regular IVR system except that it has an easy-to-use interface for making changes to the IVR.

In a regular IVR, you need specialized VXML coding skills to make any changes. For making even minor changes, businesses need to contact their System Integrator or employ a specialized IT team. A configurable IVR, by contrast, is easy to use and does not need any coding skills to create or change. Anyone within your organization can change the IVR, after just a few hours of training.

How Can this Drag and Drop IVR benefit your business?

1. Improve Customer Experience.

We’ve all faced frustrating IVR experiences when calling banking, insurance, or any business for that matter. Why aren’t the endless, boring or irrelevant menus being improved faster? Stop depending on your IT teams and System Provider to make changes. With Configurable IVR, you can put IVR Design in the hands of customer-facing teams like Marketing, Sales and Support. These teams can take feedback, experiment and continuously perfect the experience. Your IVR can be changed based on the changing customer and business needs to deliver a far superior experience.

2. Create Stellar Self- Service.

Self-service is on the rise—90% customers expect it from your business.* IVR is a great way to deliver this self-service. You can easily route callers to pre-recorded audios that solve their Frequently Asked Questions. But to ensure that self-service is top notch, you need to continuously monitor and improve it. Using feedback surveys you must ensure that questions are satisfactorily resolved. And if they aren’t, you must make changes. That’s why Configurable IVR is essential for delivering great self-service. It allows the frequent changes needed to continuously improve and perfect your self-service.

3. Ease Unexpected Call Volumes.

There are times when your contact center is flooded with calls of the same nature. It may be due to recent events such as a disruption in your service or a technical problem with your product. Use your Configurable IVR to prevent long waiting times and overworked agents. Use your Drag and Drop IVR to quickly route these callers to a pre-recorded audio or a series of interactive steps designed to resolve the issue.  

4. Create More Outbound Marketing Campaigns.

With a configurable IVR your marketing team can reach out to customers more often with outbound campaigns. How often? Our client www.grabonrent.com uses our configurable IVR to reach out to customers with new promotions every week.

5. Fast Track Callers When Needed

Maybe you are running an ad campaign or a promotion and you want to quickly redirect the responding callers to a specialized sales team? Or maybe you need to temporarily redirect calls coming in due to a recent emergency. With a configurable IVR, you can easily add in a new menu option for the duration of your campaign or the emergency. And remove it later on.

6.  Let Support Teams Create  Feedback Surveys.

Use your Configurable IVR to easily set up feedback surveys at the end of a call. Support teams can now create and change “feedback” IVR menus to capture customer satisfaction and customer effort scores. The call will transfer to IVR post completion. DTMF responses will be captured and shown in reports.

7. Create More Outbound Customer Surveys.

Your marketing team can also design outbound campaigns to survey customers who aren’t calling in, to get feedback on a product or service.  The IVR can ask questions and collect responses without the need for agent intervention.

8. Change Messages & Menus Seasonally.

Want to add some festive cheer to your welcome greeting this Holiday Season? No problem. Use your Configurable IVR to deliver a new message during festivals. Want to inform your customers about a change in working hours? Or an unexpected Holiday? No issue. With a configurable IVR, your message changed and your calls can be rerouted in minutes.

A Configurable IVR puts more power in your hands, and lets your IVR do so much more for you. If you are interested in seeing how easy it is to use,

contact us here for a demo of Kookoo’s IVR Designer today.


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