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Auto Dialers - Improve Call Center Efficiency

Maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency when it comes to your contact center. Auto dialing can help your sales and lead generation teams to improve their efficiency. They automatically dial phone numbers on your contact list, skip answering machines, busy tones and connect your agents directly to live prospects.

Be it a sales process, where leads need to be called instantaneously, customer support desk where customers need to be called back when calls go unanswered, or a simple IVR blast to send personalized messages to your existing or potential customers – our Auto-Dialers will help you. Create integrations with our Dialer APIs and seamlessly service your Sales, Service, and Marketing needs for your business. We have 3 types of Dialers to suit your business needs.

Missed call application Dialers provided by Ozonetel

Choose the dial software that fits your business need. Each dialer has unique features and usage.

  • Preview dialer

    This dialer is used to handle high engagement business calls. All Calls are initiated after careful review of customer information and requirement. It’s used when the revenue generated per call is very high.

    Use Case: Inside sales process in which the revenue per call is quite high and the requirement is highly customized. Example - In B2B lead generated from inbound marketing activity is limited and customers requirement varies for every customer.
  • Progressive/Power dialer

    Predictive dialing increases the number of calls handled per day, increases calling time, and reduces the interval between two calls. It is particularly ideal for large-sized telemarketing call centers.

    Use Case -Cold calling, telemarketing or for automatic calls to a large customer base. Example: Telecalling for selling credit card or personal loan.
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  • Predictive dialer

    This dialer increases the number of calls handled per day, increases calling time, and reduces the interval between two calls. It is particularly ideal for large sized telemarketing call centers.

    Use Case -Large process used for cold calling, telemarketing or to give information to a large customer base. Example: Telecalling for selling credit card or personal loan.
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Missed-Call-ServiceKey Features of Ozonetel's auto dialers

  • DND Filtering/Scrubbing

    Ozonetel's dialer automatically filters DND numbers and helps telemarketers to scrub mobile numbers against NDNC/NCPR data.

  • Set Pacing Ratio

    The supervisor can set pacing ratio to maximize agent productivity, based on agent historical call-handling statistics, wait time and SLAs

  • CRM Intergration

    Ozonetel's dialers can be easily integrated with any CRM

  • Live Analytics & Dashboard

    We provide all relevant call reports, live analytics, campaign reports,and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making

  • Answering Machine Detection

    All our dialers skip answering machines to connect agents only to live prospects.

  • Text to Speech, Personalised IVR Blasts

    Use our Outbound IVR for sending pre-recorded messages such announcements or greetings to large datasets. Each message can be personalized, so you can send reminders on upcoming renewal dates, pending payments and more. Our text to speech feature means that customers can interact with the IVR using natural speech instead of DTMF inputs.

Missed call applicationWhen do I need Auto dialer software?

  • - Do you get leads from various sources into your CRM?
    - Do you want your agents to not waste time over which lead is to be dialed next?
    - Does the customer information preview not take much time to read/comprehend?
    - Is it a cold calling process?
    - Can lead segregation to agents not be done manually as there are more agents( usually 20+ agents )?
    - Is revenue generation based on lead conversion?

If the answer to one or more questions is yes, then an autodialer can be extremely beneficial.


FAQ for dialer
Dialers are automatic dialing solution used in outbound contact center to streamline the calling process and increase agent's efficency. People recognizes it by different name dialer, auto dialers, power dialer etc. There are mainly three types of dialers i.e preview, progressive and predictive. Each dailers have unique features and uses cases (Read More).
You don't need any hardware or software to start the service. You just need internet connection and chrome brower to start the service.
It is main feature of our call center product "cloudagent", just signup and get free trial
A progressive dialer is also known as a power dialer. It is a auto dialer that sequentially dials one phone number after another from within a database.
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What is the difference between a Predictive and a Power dialer? There are a number of differences between a predictive and a power dialer. Both dialers are more efficient than manual dialing. In general a predictive dialer is faster but may lead to more dropped calls. See all the differences in this infographic.


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