The Ozonetel Channel Partnership Program

As an Ozonetel Partner, you can enable your customers to deliver outstanding and delightful customer experiences while creating sustainable new revenue streams and profit centers.

Rock-solid partnerships

Why partner with us?

Ozonetel is a powerful CX Solution for today’s digitally transformative era. Become a part of our incredible story! Partnering with Ozonetel means sharing our growth, market success, and strong capabilities.

Ozonetel is open, flexible, and strong.

Our partners can integrate the solution in several ways. Ozonetel extends your own capabilities and creates many new service avenues.

This gives our partners unique revenue streams.

Global operations

You’re partnering with a global communications leader that operates in over 160+ countries.

Our robust platform is proven to adapt and stretch beyond the usual frameworks, providing service in areas where others can’t. Like locations with VOIP and PSTN restrictions.

White-glove support

We pride ourselves on offering world-class support.

That means 24x7, 1:1 support for each and every partner.

No wonder they rave about our highly responsive team.

Generate multiple new revenue streams with Ozonetel

Our solution brings the market a singular offering. Our partners gain deep integration with these unique capabilities.
BYOC freedom!

We are one of the few cloud contact center solution providers offering a Bring Your Own Carrier program. Want to know more? Talk to us today.

Our partners can use the telecom trunk provider of their choice.

*With direct client billing for our solution and the telecom trunk, our services can be provided entirely under the partner’s brand.

Own your platform with open APIs

Ozonetel is built on an open API platform. You retain the freedom to use our APIs for your needs. Here is how you can leverage Ozonetel:

Ramp up your IT services portfolio

Ozonetel offers flexible product and partnership models. And our partners take full advantage of this.

You can expand your service portfolio to include…

A robust, open API cloud communication solution

Ozonetel is a full-fledged, full-stack, inbound and outbound contact center solution. We offer omnichannel, AI-based capabilities.

Every year, over 2 billion calls are made through Ozonetel. We have over 2,500 customers around the world. And over 100,000 active agents.

Our service uptime is 99.9% with a 100% call logging track record. (Thanks to our full-stack, total product ownership.)

Ozonetel is the powerful, reliable, and flexible solution needed to compete in a borderless business environment.

Partner programs

Our partners are our critical stakeholders. We collaborate through three program models: channel partners, referral partners, and strategic alliances.
Channel partners

We maintain a standard Master Agent, Resellers, and VAR channel ecosystem. We have a reselling opportunity that’s right for client bases and networks of any size.

Referral partners

Are you a specialist IT consultant?

Through our referral partnership, you’ll be paid more for the work you already do: guiding clients to the right communications platform.

We partner with systems integrators and independent consultants.

Strategic alliances

We maintain strategic partnerships with multinational strategy, IT, and ICT firms.

We’ve integrated their services into Ozonetel. These high-level alliances support all our clients with insights and offerings.


Ozonetel’s superior call handling features and easy to use APIs allowed Stetig to create a holistic CTI solution for many of our marquee customers.

Lalitha Bhat, CTO, Stetig Consulting,
A Salesforce Gold Implementation Partner

Who we are

Delivering Contact Center Innovation Since 2007.

Ozonetel was founded in 2007, by an experienced team of technologists and entrepreneurs. It was built from the ground up as an entirely new market offering. Our full-stack, customer experience software makes call center operations more accessible, reliable, and affordable.

We launched out of India as the first-ever homegrown and developed, cloud-based customer experience software. Since then, we’ve continued to reach milestone achievements in global cloud communications.

What truly sets us apart, as we make a worldwide impact, is our continuous AI innovations and unparalleled customer support.

With points of presence across the globe (VOIP and PSTN Locations Included)

We’re proud to have points of presence on every inhabited continent. Our solution operates in over 160 countries. We even work in areas with VOIP and PSTN-based restrictions.
We’re always working to expand our reach.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Ozonetel provides its partners with all the requisite marketing support.

    We provide our partners with marketing collateral, sales & pre-sales support, 24/7 technical support as well as  customer support

    Yes, we do provide partners with leads depending upon our partnership model.

    We have a PRM tool which provides complete visibility into your progress and rewards.

    Yes. We will have an initial onboarding, periodic training as well as phone support.

    Ozonetel provides all its partners with a dedicated relationship manager. Partners also get priority access to a customer support team.

    Ozonetel is ISO27000 & 270001 certified, PCI complaint, and HIPAA compliant. Learn more about how we ensure 100% security for you and your clients here.

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