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Get the right set of tools to enhance agent efficiency and increase the overall profitability of your sales teams. Our outbound call center solution is used across small, medium and large enterprises as an effective outbound telemarketing solution for B2C sales, a B2B Inside Sales team or telecalling processes in startups.
  • Auto Dialers boost agent productivity. Agents don't waste time dialing and waiting for prospects to answer.
  • Call scheduling combines with auto dialer to retry unanswered numbers after a fixed time/day or after completing the other calls.
  • Built-in CRM integration ensures agents have all information about the prospect on their dashboard, when they connect.
  • Reports let you analyse agent efficiency and campaign efffectiveness with ease.

  • Multiple Dialers : Depending on your product value, database, number of telecalling staff, and amount of time needed to prepare for a call—you may need a click to call solution from within your CRM software; or progressive, preview or predictive dialing. Get an outbound calling solution that gives you multiple types of dialers to choose from.
  • Flexible Dialing: Depending on your data value, your administrator should be able to configure your power dialer to customer- first or agent-first.
  • CRM Integration : Does your solution integrate with your CRM system seamlessly? A built-in CRM integration means that call dispositions get auto logged. And, your telemarketers have all the prospect information on hand when calling.
  • Reports & Real-time Analytics : Does your product give detailed reports & real-time views of your agent performance and overall performance of the telemarketing campaign? Use a solution with in-built, easy to read reports.
  • API availability: AAPI availability allows you to build customised solutions for your business. Ensure that your solution offers API availability.
  • DND Scrubbing: DND scrubbing before dialing should be automated by your outbound call center software. This ensures that you stay compliant without wasting any time.
  • Pre Recorded Voice Mail Messages: What happens when your agent or your dialer reach a prospect’s voicemail? It needn’t be a wasted call, nor does your agent need to waste time leaving a message. Find a solution that lets you pre-record messages that can be left as a voice mail for this prospect to listen to.

  • Full featured solution for telemarketing

    Connect with worldwide customers, monitor agent performance and improve sales

    Multiple dashboards to provide detailed analytics and agent performance metrics.

    Agent dashboards Telemarketing software

    Full featured agent screen with integrated CRM.

    Agent Screen, Telemarketing software

    Live agent monitoring .

    Supervisor sceeen, Telemarketing software
    Try Ozonetel's telemarketing software and take calling solution to a whole new level.