Improve your agent productivity & customer satisfaction with our Zoho Phonebridge integration

Zoho Phone Bridge is the protocol defined by Zoho for CTI connections. This is the only way in which cloud call center solutions can integrate natively with Zoho. KOOKOO Cloudagent has the best Zoho phonebridge implementation. It includes a full featured cloud call center inside Zoho including call logging and an agent toolbar. It also allows you to manage outgoing calls using a variety of dialers(predictive, progressive and manual). Your sales reps and support agents will find it a breeze to use telephony inside Zoho using KOOKOO.
Screenpop integration
  • For an incoming call, Agent's screen pops up with relevant customer information enabling a personalized greeting to each caller
  • Agent works within Zoho CRM while accessing all relevant information about the callers
    • - Contact information.
    • - Make updates related to the conversation.
Advanced agent toolbar
  • Timely & accurate resolution of customer queries - Agent has access to the advanced call controls (Hold, Mute, Transfer, Conference) and can avail these options to resolve customer queries while on the call.
  • Live monitoring of agents including barge in facility for supervisor.
Call Logging
  • Voice call is an integral part of the integration and the call is tagged with a call description as per the nature of the call.
  • Once call is completed, the Call details along-with the recordings are passed back to Zoho for call logging. 

  • All calls are tagged with recordings for future reference. 

No manual intervention needed for logging in calls.
Optimize outbound calls using dialers

Sales reps can use the advanced dialers to reach more leads in a day. Dialers allow sales reps to spend more time on researching leads rather than waiting for prospects to pick up the calls.

  • Can observe the lead details on the Screen pop up page.
  • Outbound calls can be initiated within the Zoho CRM page using click to call functionality.

Integrating Zoho Phonebridge

Integrating your ZOHO account with KOOKOO is easy and can be done in just 5 minutes.

Download Quick Setup guide

If you want to know more on Ozonetel's integration with Zoho CRM, check out

Additional monitoring tools available as part of this integration, for boosting the call center productivity
  • Live "System monitor" to view, monitor, hear your agents speak on a real-time basis
  • Live dashboards to view & monitor key call center metrics average talk-time, average pick-up time, call connect ratios etc.
  • Supervisors have real time view of call center load to help plan for additional resources to handle peak traffic time
  • Access to over 70 reports to review & improve agent & call center productivity

Using Zoho Phonebridge dialer

So if you have a large number of leads and less time to reach out to them, it makes perfect sense to use a dialer. Let your sales team concentrate on strategizing instead of calling. You can use the KOOKOO Cloudagent dialer to make the calls and the Zoho phone bridge integration with Cloudagent for seamless integration between Zoho and your call center. The dialer will make calls on your behalf and when a lead picks up the call, a call pop is shown to the agent with details about the lead. The agent can then answer the call and add notes to the call all within Zoho.

The basic flow is:

  • Export your leads from Zoho.
  • Import your leads into Cloudagent

  • Start dialer and start making calls. 

The steps along with screenshots are shown in the side presentation.
For configuring your Zoho Phonebridge account with KOOKOO, please click here