Upgrade customer experience and boost agent performance.

Partner with us to create an AI driven contact Center

When it comes to contact centers, your customers want two things: problems solved fast, and solutions that are just right for them. Now whether you have an inbound or outbound contact center, our AI tools can give you speed & personalization like never before.
Voice Bots boost CX & Agent efficiency

Upgrade your IVR to a voice Bot. Let customers speak instead of typing into keypads. Offer enhanced Self Service or connect them to an agent faster than ever before.

AI power creates Intelligent Call routing

Go beyond wait times & queues. Your AI Call Router will study customer mood, agent skill and more to create perfect matches at half the speed.

Digital assistants transform every interaction

Digital Assistants recognize each customer’s, current mood, history and purchase patterns to give your agents the perfect personalization prompts. It also reduces work by doing their ACW and responding to voice cues.

Machine learning harnesses your data.

Machine Learning can handle large data sets to give descriptive and predictive analytics. And you don’t need a querying language or software to tap your data power You just need to speak to it.

Why Choose our AI expertise for your contact center?


Repetitive tasks harm employee performance. People lose concentration, get frustrated & make mistakes. Your contact center can reassign any repetitive task to AI for fast, error-free performance—freeing your workforce for quality interactions.

Self Service

Self-service is a convenient, quick and non-intrusive way for customers to solve many queries. Tasks that chat bots and websites do—can now be assigned to your contact center.


It isn’t humanly possible to go through every single call recording. But now, you just have to ask the questions— AI can analyze every single call’s contents to give insights you never had access to before.

Customer Experience

B Nagaraju, COO of BigBasket, India’s largest on-line grocery store

“Ozonetel has been our partner since inception when we started our customer care call center with 8 agents. Now we have scaled it to almost 700 agents across two locations. Both of us have evolved together the past 6 years and they continuously innovate and stay in line with tech trends and global best practices. They are now working on disrupting the contact center space with AI and machine learning and we are glad to get first access to the cutting edge tools which will take our customer experience to the next level.“

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