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With Live Chat, your agents can chat with your customers from your website or your mobile app. We offer multi-channel capabilties where the same set of agents can work on voice calls, emails, and customer chats as well. Integrating Ozonetel chat service is simple and fast. If you want to use this as a standalone service, we are here to help.

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Ozonetel's live Chat is the best way to setup customer chat on your site

Signup and Configure

Signup for the service. Get the required number of agent licenses. Configure departments and assign agents.

Copy Javascript Widget

Once you sign up, a small piece of Javascript code will be given to you. Please ask your web adminstrator to copy the piece of code onto the web pages where the chat widget should appear.

Login and Chat

Agents will login to Cloudagent and set their status as ready. Once customers start the chat process, the conversation will be routed to the right agent as per the routing rules setup.

Try Ozonetel's Chat right now and take engagement to a whole new level.

Full featured chat system

Track your agent performance. Support your worldwide customers from a central location

  • Engage with your global customers

    You can work with international customers right out of the box while staying in your country.

  • Increase sales

    Give a personal touch and answer customers queries when they need answers the most. This will help you to close faster

  • Provide personalized support

    There is no faster way to support your customers than chat support. Provide automated chat IVRs to reduce your agent workload

  • Track agent performance

    Over 400 reports give you realtime access to your agent's performance. Supervisor can observe realtime chats and suggest answers.

Multiple dashboards to provide chat analytics and agent performance metrics.

Full featured agent screen with toolbar and screen pop.

Live monitoring of agents with queue analysis.

Try Ozonetel's Chat right now and take engagement to a whole new level.