KOOKOO is powered by Ozonetel, which provides intelligent cloud telephony solutions to over 50 million consumers and 1500+ enterprise customers in 150+ countries.  

KOOKOO Inbound Contact Center Features

KOOKOO is a plug & play, full-featured, contact center solution that helps
you manage your distributed call center on the cloud.

CRM Integration

Integrate seamlessly with CRMs and back-end databases

Automatic Call Distribution

Route calls, emails, and SMS to most idle agent based on skill set and priority

Time-based Routing

Define the time of day for calls to be routed to specific agents

IVR Flexibility

Build multi-level complex IVRS with our IVR designer

Email Routing

Establish business rules to determine action required for inbound email

Sentiment Analysis

Monitor customer sentiment to help enhance customer experience

Cloud Recording

Call recordings are available on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere

Barge-in and Call Monitoring

Advanced call monitoring features like Call-Whisper, Snoop, and Intrude

Live Monitoring/Perfomance

Make informed business decisions with Live Dashboard and 70+ reports

"I cannot say enough about how they have
gone above and beyond in helping us out."
– Nancy Kerr, Trilogy SmartLeads


KOOKOO Outbound Contact Center Features

Our full-featured software provides multiple dialers and ready-made
integrations with all major CRM & ticketing solutions.

Dialer APIs

Cloud-based, dialer-CRM integration allows for fast setup and no capital expenditure

Optimize Agent Performance

Auto dialers like Preview, Progressive, and Predictive Dialers improves your agents' performance

Live Dashboard

Live campaign-wise dashboards provide metrics like data uploaded, dialed, and pending

DND Filtering

Filter DND numbers and help telemarketers scrub mobile numbers against NDNC/NCPR data

Set Pacing Ratio

Set pacing ratio to maximize agent productivity based on historical call-handling statistics, wait time, and SLAs

Benefits for Sales:

   Click-to-call from CRM

   Reduced time to contact leads

   Shortened sales cycle

   Run distributed sales teams

Benefits for Support:

   Automatic call distribution

  More First Call Resolutions

  Reduced call handling times

   Create intelligent call flows


Start your browser-based, global contact center within hours

Zero installation. No upfront costs.


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