A large private bank

India’s second largest private bank with 4500+ branches and headquartered in Mumbai. The bank provides a number of products and services which includes Wholesale banking services, Retail banking services, Treasury.
  • Shift call center on to a Complete OPEX model
  • Real-time Data tracking and monitoring campaigns across the business lifecycle
  • Integrated IVR solutions with flexibility to dynamic changes
  • Distributed call center across multiple vendors
  • Security of data
  • Being reachable at all times as all vendors might reach out at the same time
  • Ozonetel deployed a Cloud Contact Center Solution
  • Smart IVR for standard enquiries in 17 regional languages
  • Complete visibility across 18 locations and 4 zonal offices
  • Deployed solution up and running within 72 hours
  • Standardized customer service - General inquiries can be handled 24/7
  • No CAPEX investment
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