A large insurance company

One of India’s largest insurance firms in India, headquartered in Mumbai, offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings & Investment and Health, along with Children’s & Women’s Plan.
  • No centralized view of the process running out of 2 different BPOs located separately
  • Lack of a system driven SLA within the CRM to track response to leads
  • Delayed reporting of data related with the marketing campaigns
  • Ozonetel deployed a Cloud Contact Center Solution integrated with Sugar CRM
  • 180% improvement in response time to contact a lead
  • 50% increase in net sales done
  • Faster data collation - Improvement in providing real time access to reports from a gap of T+3 for both BPO partners combined thus giving a unified view
  • Built automation into the integrated system - Automated call flows & IVR have made the whole system inherently efficient
  • Inherent audit mechanism available now
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