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Key benefits of Cloud Telephony & Cloud call center across industry
eCommerce Zero capex and maintenance model, you can set up full-fledged call center within a day. Have seamless communication with a multi-channel platform integrated the CRM or ticketing solution (CTI Integration), Ozonetel's solution is deeply integrated with all major CRM. Track and monitor all customer touch point, our call center solution provide more than 70 reports. Optimize outbound calling process by using the dialer of your choice. (Read more)

Hospitality Track and record all customer conversation, you can also track the incoming calls on mobile phones. It's a pure cloud solution don't have to invest in real estate and maintenance. Highly scalable solution can scale up/down to meet your seasonal needs Read more.

Bank & Finance Highly secure solution, with our hybrid call center solution the server can be placed on your premise. You can automate standard customer queries using a smart IVR and serve your customers 24/7. Read more.

Travel Setup distributed call center and respond to all customer queries promptly using Ozonetel's offline agent Read more.

Classified Design innovative application on our cloud telephony platform kookoo , manage and track field sales with our offline agents feature.