Integrations Overview
Call center integration is the key to optimizing performance and productivity. See Ozonetel’s solutions here.
Call Center Integration
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Introducing Effortless Call Center Integration

Ozonetel takes the pain out of integration

Contact center software is only as effective as the workflows it supports. We make it a priority to ensure easy call center integration with the CRM, helpdesk, auto-dialer, and analytics solutions for our clients.

Remove bottlenecks in operations

Improve customer experience

Speed up response times

Reduce stress for agents

Our ready-to-deploy integrations come free with our affordable contact center software.

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Call Center Integration Challenges Are a Persistent Problem

We’ve talked with thousands of contact center leaders, and they agree. Having two critical systems that don’t talk to each other one of their most common challenges. The impact is significant.

Lack of solution integration reduces agent productivity 40-50%, increasing the cost per customer service ticket or impacting revenue from outbound sales.

Workarounds include having operators forward calls to hunt groups via a PBX system or having agents use their mobile phones.

Inability to upload custom data or integrate with auto-dialers means tasks must be done manually.

Ozonetel has resolved these challenges for the contact center industry with a robust set of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions that are ready for immediate deployment. Our open APIs also support self-service configuration and integration with custom systems.

See Our Most Popular Integrations

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Why Integrate Your Systems Now?

Integration dramatically improves inbound/outbound calling processes and outcomes and enables agents to manage a high volume of calls quickly and efficiently.

  • Make and receive calls from within the CRM or helpdesk window.
  • Get automatic access to real-time customer profile information on all calls.
  • Ensure a personalized response to each customer.
  • Use skill-based routing to send customers to the right team members.
  • Resolve issues faster by minimizing repetition of information.
  • Get call recordings and detailed call analytics to review and optimize performance.
  • Deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Ozonetel as Your Call Center Integration Partner?

Integration dramatically improves inbound/outbound calling processes and outcomes and enables agents to manage a high volume of calls quickly and efficiently.

Hassle-free workflow automatically triggering events in integrated applications.

Auto-synchronization to display customer information the moment a call comes in

End-to-end integration with CRM, Customer Support, Analytics, and more

Mobility to monitor the solution from any location via web browser

Reporting, call recording, and live analytics to track KPIs or metrics for continuous process improvement

Improved outbound calling with Ozonetel auto-dialers (preview, progressive, and predictive)

Want to start enjoying the benefits of seamless integration? Let’s get you set up with the Ozonetel contact center.

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