SMS Service

personalized communication with your customers

Send targeted text messages to your contact lists with ease.

Text messaging your customers and prospects is really easy with Ozonetel’s SMS or Short Messaging Service. Take advantage of this personalized communications channel to send announcements, greetings, reminders and offers to various contact lists. Or follow up on your customer support or sales calls. Our texting platform includes
  • Transactional SMS - Send text messages to customers to follow up on events in real time using transactional SMS. The big benefit is that transactional bulk SMS can be sent 24/7.
    Use Case - E-commerce companies and banks send SMS for every interaction. For example, they send a message to the customer’s phone number, just after they place an order.
  • Promotional SMS - SMS marketing is done via promotional SMS.It is the most preferred communications channel for promoting a new product or a service, it is an cost-effective, easy way to increase awareness about new offerings— with a click of a button, you can send text messages to various contact lists.You can also measure key metrics like open rates to measure the success of your campaign
  • Bulk SMS - Bulk SMS or SMS blast is broadcast of large numbers of SMS messages to a targeted population. It is used by businesses, marketing agencies, government agencies, NGO and brand managers.
    Use Case - Educational institutes use bulk message service to save time by informing all the parents about an event, in a click. For example sudden declaration of holidays. Hospitals use it for awareness campaigns. Government agencies use the texting platform to give alerts on natural calamities or any emergencies.
  • Missed call application Salient features of Ozonetel's SMS Service

    • Complete Customer Support Solution

      SMS text messaging is just one of our services. We provide complete customer service solution via call, SMS , email and social media.

    • Promotional Campaign

      You can run a promotional campaign on various channels using missed call service, SMS, IVR blast or phone calls.

    • Live Analytics & Dashboard

      We provide all relevant reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making.

    • Integrate with CRM and Analytics Solution

      Solution is readily integrated with all major CRM and ticketing solutions, we provide APIs for any customized integration

    • Scalable Solution

      It's highly scalable solution, can start with low volume SMS and can increase it as per business need

    • Mobility

      Don't need any hardware/software, just need a web browser to use Ozonetel's service

    What our customers get from SMS Service

    • Real Time Message Delivery Reports
    • 24x7 Pan India SMS Delivery to all telecom Operators
    • 6 character Sender ID Support
    • Readily available API for customization


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