CTI INTEGRATION - Integrate LeadSquared with Ozonetel's Cloudagent


Improve your agent productivity & customer satisfaction with our LeadSquared integration

Personalized greetings to callers + Streamlined agent workflows
  • For an incoming call agent screen pops with customer information enabling a personalized greeting to each caller
  • Agent works within LeadSquared CRM while accessing all relevant information about the callers
    • - Contact information
    • - Take notes on the call
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Boost agent productivity for outbound calls
  • Contextual discussion with customer helps boost agent productivity in resolving customer issues. Agents while on the call with a caller
    • Can observe the caller details on the Screen pop up page
    • Outbound calls can be initiated within the LeadSquared CRM page

Multiple options of triggering outbound click to calls by the agent – Lead Activity Stream
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Multiple options of triggering outbound click to calls by the agent – Lead details page
Call recording – In-built in LeadSquared CRM using Ozonetel connector
  • Voice call is an integral part of the integration and the call is tagged as per the nature of the call
  • Once call is completed, the Call details along-with the recordings are passed back to LeadSquared CRM. 
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Additional monitoring tools available as part of this integration, for boosting the call center productivity
  • Live "System monitor" to view, monitor, hear your agents speak on a real-time basis
  • Live dashboards to view & monitor key call center metrics average talk-time, average pick-up time, call connect ratios etc.
  • Supervisors have real time view of call center load to help plan for additional resources to handle peak traffic time
  • Access to over 70 reports to review & improve agent & call center productivity
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