CTI INTEGRATION - Integrate Kapture CRM with Ozonetel's Cloudagent


Improve your agent productivity & customer satisfaction with our Kapture CRM integration

Personalized greetings to callers + Streamlined agent workflows
  • For an incoming call agent screen pops with customer information enabling a personalized greeting to each caller
  • Agent works within Ozonetel solution, in a single window, while accessing all relevant information about the callers
    • - Contact information
    • - Update customer information
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On call updation of ticket status
  • Contextual discussion with customers helps boost agent productivity in resolving customer issues. Agents while on the call with a caller
    • Can observe the past ticket details
    • Update latest information in the tickets module

Salient Features - Kapture CTI Integration
  • One can view caller details on their screen when they are receiving calls from their Published number/TFN.
  • With this Agents shall have right information at their fingertips.
  • Agents can also make outbound calls from their mobile app (Kapture Mobile app) using Click2Call button.
  • A sales call can be done using a Virtual Number assigned to the team and get the conversation recorded for future reference or for auditing sales calls for QA/training.
  • For bulk calling through CRM all caller numbers can be added into CloudAgent Dialer using dialer APIs. Automatically initiate calls to clients using our range of Dialer APIs from inserting data to controlling the campaign to purging data.
  • The caller details and recording links are integrated to respective profile page inside the CRM.
  • With the social media integration, all the twitter messages are shown in CRM real time for an integrated view of the user from both the online and offline worlds.

Additional monitoring tools available as part of this integration, for boosting the call center productivity
  • Live "System monitor" to view, monitor, hear your agents speak on a real-time basis
  • Live dashboards to view & monitor key call center metrics average talk-time, average pick-up time, call connect ratios etc.
  • Supervisors have real time view of call center load to help plan for additional resources to handle peak traffic time
  • Access to over 70 reports to review & improve agent & call center productivity
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