Outbound Call Center Solutions

Advantages of outbound IVR/ Outbound call center

Optimize agents / Agent efficiency - Automate mundane tasks using outbound IVR so the agents are connected to only relevant/meaningful calls. Also, you can process more leads as you are not dependent on number of agents to dial to leads. ( Eg: if your process is to dial to leads and find out if they are interested in signing up with you, an Outbound IVR campaign can do it and only interested leads are connected to agents)
Ease of automation with CRM integrations - Automate tasks based on certain rules in CRM and integrate with Outbound APIs so customers are dialed based on rules set in CRM ( Eg: Dial to customers who have pending car service, renewal of insurance, did not visit store in past 1 month - launch an offer , dial to high value customers and give discount voucher codes )
Emergency messages / broadcasts - Pass on emergency broadcasts of messages to clients using TTS or record your own voice. ( Eg: Store remains closed tomorrow, Site is down due to global outage etc)
Dial to failed payments / page exits at payment gateway etc - automate and prioritize dialing to your website visitors based on their transaction stage and ask them if they need help - connect opt ins to agents for sales conversions

    10 commandments for a good outbound contact center
  • 1. Always dial Agent first if your data/leads are valid
  • 2. If you are dialing customer first, have your agents on auto answer. it also means headsets on always for agents
  • 3. Keep an interval of 5-10 seconds between each call dialed to your agents. Helps them relax and take the next call effectively.
  • 4. Never have leads mapped to a single agent, this creates inefficiencies in agent utilization as one agent might get continuous calls and one agent might have only a few calls based on data quality
  • 5. Be careful to scrub DND if you are into tele-marketing calls
  • 6. Be sure you don't disturb your customers
  • 7. Peak pickup rates are between 9-11 AM and 4-8PM always. Scatter your calls in these blocks.
  • 8. Always show the customer data to agent before the customer is connected.( Means CRM integration )
  • 9. Have at least 3 retries for each customer. and space out the retries to at least 3 hours .
  • 10. Ideal to rotate agents periodically between inbound and outbound processes if your process allows that.
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