Communications solutions for the eCommerce

Today eCommerce is the one of the fastest growing industry world wide. In most of the countries the growth rate is in double digits China 18%, Japan 11% ,South Korea 10% and India 51%.(source: ASSOCHAM-Forrester study paper)
"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”- Jeff Bezos, Founder of
A key competence to building a successful eCommerce business is “Customer Service” .

An ideal customer life cycle and the role of customer service

customer buying cycle in eCommerce
Contact center plays a key role in all stages of the customer journey

Key communication challenges in the eCommerce sector are
Prompt Support
  • Timely response to customer queries & complaints and an adherence to SLAs - In the E-commerce industry customer service is the only touch point for customers to connect with businesses and hence receives a lot of inbound interaction. Any seasonal sales or operational inefficiency just multiplies the inbound enquiries.
  • Single view of the customer from the business's perspective- Many applications are involved in the customer buying journey - CRM, Order management system, customer support system, order tracking system, etc. and a disconnected view of the customer leads to dissatisfaction and possibly loss of business.
Need for a Multichannel Communication platform
  • Customers expect consistent and timely communication across all channels. Any new channel's addition needs to be factored into the communication platform to ensure all customer queries are addressed..
Tracking key metrics related to the contact center
  • What are the number of inbound calls & queries, what is number of missed calls, what is time taken to close a query etc. Many a times, businesses lack the right data to make intelligent decisions.

Ozonetel's services mapped with contact center needs of e-commerce companies

Engage & Interact(PreSales)
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Interact and engage customers in social media
  • Promptly answer customer queries
  • Engage website visits and convert the visitors using click2call and Live chat
  • Ozonetel contact center solution is integrated with facebook chat bot, twitter and live chat - a single platform to handle all the channels
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  • Pro-actively provide detailed shipping status via transactional SMS and email
  • 24/7 service for standard queries - Provide 24/7 support for standard queries like order cancellation, current status of order, refund status etc. and even can be automated using an IVR
  • Multichannel support For all the channels
  • Monitor contact center performance - Continuously monitor call center performance using daily reports, agent recordings & other key metrics
  • Ozonetel's Multi-channel contact center solution comes with a Smart IVR , detailed reports & live analytics and can also be easily integrated with customer CRMs
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Customer retention
  • Do market research, to understand customer preference using IVR blast and other techniques
  • Send promotional mail and SMS for new offerings
  • Engage web visitors using live chat
  • Give personalized service by availing sticky agent feature and CRM integrated calling solution
  • Analyze and improve contact center performance, using different reports and call recordings
  • Ozonetel's solution provides advanced call center features like call barge-in, call whisper & sticky agent. Speech analytics tools can be used to automate contact center quality assurance

Impact of ozonetel's solution - Bigbasket

Ozonetel provides communication solutions to many organizations in the ecommerce and hyperlocal delivery industry - Grofers, Bigbasket, Voonik, 1mg, Zopper to name a few. Salient features of our solution for the eCommerce industry are-

  • Adherence to call center SLAs - Able to maintain the AHT of 2.5 mins and FTR of 85%.
  • Improve outbound calling process and agent efficiency using dialers .
  • Zero Capex Ozonetel solution helped BigBasket to save close to Rs 5 lakhs in Capex over two years
  • Personalized customer service - Able to improve customer service with CTI Integration where-in executives get customer information for incoming and outgoing calls and have access to advanced call controls like mute,hold, transfer, conference etc.
  • Data based decision making- Get detailed customer satisfaction metrics, agent performance metrics and overall contact center performance metrics like FTR, avg time in queue, time to answer, connect ratios etc.
  • Centralized monitoring - From a centralized location or your headquarters monitor all the activity of your customer service center.
  • Pure cloud solution - Zero capex, zero maintenance and subscription based payment.
  • Automate quality check - Get automated weekly and monthly call quality report using speech analytics .

Customer Experience

Hari Menon, Co-founder, BigBasket.

“We evaluated companies and found Ozonetel to be best suited for our needs. Due to the per-agent pricing model, we have managed to keep the overall CS cost at just under 0.5% of the overall revenue; when revenue has grown ten-fold over two years. Due to this stable and robust solution, we are consistently managing AHT of 2.5 minutes and are able to achieve industry-leading FTR of 85%..”" Read More..

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