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OmniChannel Contact Center Technology

We know that customer experience is the new battlefield for every organization. That’s why it’s important to connect, communicate, and engage your customers throughout the customer communication life-cycle. Do it right, and you have the power to stay ahead of your competitors and retain existing business. This is exactly what we, at Ozonetel, strive to do through CloudAgent - a Call Center Software Solutions that functions as an Inbound and Outbound Call Center.

CloudAgent shifts your entire Contact Center and its functions into a single browser for you to monitor, track and make critical decisions. Equipped with all contact center functionalities and business intelligence, CloudAgent ensures that you provide world class experience to your customers. Engage with your customers through multiple channels such as voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media.
Salient Features of our call center software
CTI Integration Integrate Contact Center with a CRM or ticketing system. Get detailed caller information even before your executive initiate conversation. Using CTI screen popup, customer information can be displayed to the executive's screen to create a personalized call experience. Executive can initiate the call just by click on a button on CRM. Read more.

Dialer helps to improve outbound calling efficiency, executives don't have to spend time on dialing and they can dedicate more time on customer calling. Ozonetel provide three types of dialers preview, progressive and predictive, businesses can choose the dialer that fits their needs. Read more.
Multichannel contact centers allows organizations to provide better customer service through any medium, including: voice, chat, text-SMS and social media. The convergence of all channels onto a single platform,which can be centrally managed and administered provide seamless communication ,enhances customer satisfaction and boost revenues.

Detailed reports Call center operates in a stressful and demanding environment where you have to mange thousands of calls and chat each hour while maintaining high customer service. The detailed call center reports help to track the contact center performance through the metrics and KPIs. Ozonetel provides 74 types of reports and live analytics. Read more.

CRM Integrations


Customer Experience

Hari Menon, Co-founder, BigBasket.

“We evaluated companies and found Ozonetel to be best suited for our needs. Due to the per-agent pricing model, we have managed to keep the overall CS cost at just under 0.5% of the overall revenue; when revenue has grown ten-fold over two years. Due to this stable and robust solution, we are consistently managing AHT of 2.5 minutes and are able to achieve industry-leading FTR of 85%..”" Read More..