CTI Integration

Communicate Better, Improve Customer LTV


A CRM integrated with the Contact Center dramatically improves your inbound and outbound calling processes.
  • Your agents can handle calls from right within their CRM window.
  • Agents get easy, automated, real-time access to customer profile information on all calls.
  • Since agents access information faster, they resolve issues easier; and callers don't have to repeat their ticket history—leading to higher customer satisfaction on all calls.
  • Your system can access customer profiles and route incoming calls using skill-based routing to the right team for that profile.

Ozonetel Hosted Contact Center solution is integrated with leading web-based CRM's like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Sugar CRM and more.

With our Open APIs you can easily integrate your customer data with the call center system. Pull in customer data from popular CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho , Sugar CRM, Freshdesk, Zendesk or your own custom-built solution. By integrating the ACD logic of the Call center system with the CRM software, your agents are equipped to handle large call volumes quickly and efficiently.

IVR feature Why CTI Integration

  • Saves agent's time with automatic CTI pop up and effective call routing-resulting in better customer service.

  • Customer profile information is displayed the moment a call comes in, agents provide a personalized response.

  • Executives can call directly from CRM or ticketing solution just by a click, no need to toggle between CRM and calling platform.

  • Get call recordings and detailed call analytics like number of calls made, number of incoming calls,number of missed calls etc.

IVR feature Why Ozonetel's Solution

  • Complete Integration- Integrate your call center with CRM, customer support and analytics solution.

  • Auto synchronization Customer information is displayed the moment a call comes in, thus aiding the agents to provide a personalized response.

  • Hassle free workflow

    Our call center solution automatically triggers events in the integrated application and creates workflows. Thus avoiding manual intervention while ensuring consistency across applications.

  • Mobility

    Today, mobility is a must and you can monitor the integrated solution from any remote location, you just need an internet connection and a browser.

  • Dialers

    Improve the outbound calling process using our auto dialers . We provide preview, progressive and predictive dialer, choose the dialers that fit your business needs.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Tracking the KPI or metrics is must for continuous process improvement. Ozonetel provides call recordings, detailed reports and live analytics which will help you in decision making.

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CTI Integration

We offer integration with various CRM, Analytics and Helpdesk solutions. If you are using any of the listed solutions, you can get started immediately

Customer Experience

Ravi raj Chauhan, Senior manager, Aspiring minds

"All the registrations done from the website are recorded on Freshdesk. These are then uploaded on the Ozonetel platform and the Ozonetel platform dials out to the registered users/customers to complete the registration process. The Ozonetel and FreshDesk integration is very flexible and we don’t have to buy any hardware and software. Our agents can start dialling using a URL. We can ourselves design the calling pattern whether outbound or inbound using this solution. Aspiring Minds used Inbound calling largely for support and Outbound calling for marketing and sales for all registrations done on the website." Read More..

FAQ for CTI Integration
CTI(Computer Telephony Integration), it's a technology that enables CRM or ticketing solution or any customer database system to interact with the telephony solution. Telephony solution help to communicate with the customers via call, chat or SMS. The technology was primarily used in call centers, but now it is used across industry. The main features of CTI are call recording, Click2Call on CRM, Screen popup, Call Controls and Call disposition details.
Any industry or company want to improve customer service need a CTI
  • Manufacturing - Company want to record interaction with distributors and other stakeholders
  • Inside Sales- Want to improve inside sales process via click to call and call analytics (Read More)
  • Consultancy - Be it immigration consultant, travel agencies, higher education consultant etc., all these consulting services revenue per customer is very high. To have quality customer interaction CTI is must.
Our telephony solution can easily integrated with web based CRM. The readily integrated connector is available for Zoho, Freshdesk, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Leadsquared and Kapture.
Our system can easily be integrated with an IVR system, we will provide complete CTI API for any custom development.
You can develop your own CTI application. On our open cloud telephony platform Kookoo you can do CTI development Just sign up Kookoo get access to all the API's and start CTI development.
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