Salesforce integrated with Ozonetel

Make your contact center highly reliable, robust with salesforce

  • Readymade connectors available for Salesforce
  • Full-featured solution within Salesforce application
  • Multi channel communication (via Video, Voice, Chat, Email, SMS& Social Media.)
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Clients ranging from SMEs, MNCs to Start-ups across industries

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Empowering 1000+ Brands

Salesforce Integration Features

For Agent

  • Screen-pop
  • Call-transfer, hold and conference
  • Click-to-call

For Supervisors

  • Extensive Dashboards
  • Live Monitoring (Barge-in, Snoop & Whisper)
  • 70 Ready Reports

For Customers

  • Self-Service Capabilities through IVR

Why Ozonetel


Open API

Being completely out-of-box product, still we allow you to customize the solution according to your need. Our simple API layer allows you to seamlessly integrate with your business systems and make a completely optimized solution.


Get Insights

Interaction Analyst is an advanced business intelligence tool which helps you get insights about your campaign. It offers you lot of reports across all dimensions of a campign. It can help you answer questions like "Which is best performing campaign?", "What is customer reaction to your campaign?", "What is the peak hour for my campaign?" and many more.



Inbuild Dialer helps you reach customer proactively. Different dialer type i.e. preview, progressive, IVR lets you define the most customer friendly way to contact your customer. Our dialers have helped increase customer interaction upto 400% as compared to manual dialing.

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