Ozonetel is a pioneer in Cloud Call/Contact center solutions in India. The only true full featured cloud call center solution in India. Some on premise players have tried to adapt their legacy systems(badly) to the changing environment and have moved some services to the web and are calling themselves as cloud call centers. Ozonetel's Cloudagent is designed from the ground up to be cloud call center. So, in that respect there is no direct comparison. But since falsifications are being spread in comparison charts in the open web, we thought of putting up our own comparison chart which is true according to us.
Features On Premise(Lets call it Abhey Oh!) Ozonetel
Real Cloud Call Center
Telecom Hardware Third party (Digium/Dialogic..) Inhouse designed and manufactured in India
Scalability Increase resources with a call or email
Setup Time One week 30 minutes
Product Features
Multi Level Interactive Voice Response Very primitive Full featured Multichannel Communication platform
Manual dial Basic Advanced
Failover for voice calls On premise failover Cloud based multi telco, multi location failover
Call disposition and Notes
Number Masking
SMS alerts for Contact Center and Business KPIs
Real Time Supervision Constrained to premise Cloud based real time sync across devices, across locations
Warm and blind transfers Only on premise Real cloud across locations
Live Call Snooping Only on premise Full Cloud
Recordings (Multimedia)
Missed call Apps World record holder in missed calls
Social Media Ticketing Not in built Part of core platform
Inbound SMS/Email Through 3rd party Inbuilt
Conference/Transfer Only on premise Real cloud based across locations
KPI based voicelog search and grading
Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
Browser Soft Client
DID based outbound calling
Callback Reminders
Dedicated agents for preferred customers (Relationship Manager)
Skills based routing
Speech based quality check
WebRTC Client
No upfront cost
Mobile chat SDK
CRM Integration
Helpdesk Integration
Salesforce Integration
Ecommerce Integration
API Integration
Messaging Integration
Reporting & Analytics
Historical Reporting
Customized Daily Reporting
Reporting BI
Reporting Visualizations
Real time business Actionable dashboards
Realtime Reporting
Customer Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Chat Support
Customer Success Team