WhatsApp for Customer Support

Leverage one of the world’s most popular messaging apps to connect with and serve your customers

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Why use WhatsApp for Customer Support?

WhatsApp customer support helps you reach your customers on a platform they love while creating a secure, fast and cost-effective communications channel. Our comprehensive solution has all the advanced features you need to enable that this channel is both efficient and responsive.

  • Automate responses with our multilingual AI-powered bot
  • Transfer to live agents for complex queries.
  • Route messages efficiently to the right agents.
  • Seamless CRM Integration.

How To Enable WhatsApp Customer Support?

Ozonetel integrates with WhatsApp Business API to make it easy for you to track, distribute, and rapidly respond to your customer’s WhatsApp queries.

1. Get a WhatsApp Number

Get yourself a WhatsApp Business API Number/s to get started. Or let us help you expedite the process.

2. Configure it within CloudAgent

Route & distribute chats amongst your agents.  Agents can switch between calls and chats on Ozonetel’s omnichannel agent dashboards.

3. Integrate with your CRM

Integrate with your CRM so that agents can automatically view and edit customer information while chatting.

That’s it! Publish your new Whatsapp Customer Support numbers so customers know that they can contact you via their favourite channel.

Want to enable 24 x 7 Customer Support via Whatsapp?

Lean how our multi-lingual, AI enabled bots can help you enable faster, better support not only on whatsapp but via self service IVR, live chat, SMS and more.

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Vital Features for Your WhatsApp Customer Channel

Its not enough to enable support on a new channel, you need to ensure efficient performance and great customer experience. Learn how these essential features can help.

CRM Integration

Ozonetel’s Seamless CRM integration gives your agents the contextual information they need to respond faster and better to every query.

Unified Dashboard

Blended agents can seamlessly switch between calls and chats using our intuitive dashboard.

Easy Routing & Distribution

Our ACD and routing logic helps distribute work evenly amongst agents. Route chats to your agents based on agent skill or time of day.

Live Monitoring

Use our live monitoring dashboards to monitor chat queues and agent performance in real time.

Chat Transcripts

We record and log every chat, so its easy for you to view the transcripts from within your CRM or our CloudAgent dashboards.

AI & Chatbots

Advanced tools like chat bots are available to scale up your support and be available for customers 24 x 7.

Dont stop at WhatsApp.
Set up an Omnichannel Support Center in 24 Hours or Less.

One channel is not enough for all your customer communications. Thats why Whatsapp Customer Support is just one part of our solution. Manage your calls, chats, SMS, social media and more, all from within our Cloud Contact Center. Go live instantly. No hardware or software required.

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How do businesses use our WhatsApp Integration?

The WhatsApp for Business API lends itself to A to Z customer service, spanning across outbound and inbound communication. 

Travel, Education & Pharma

Let customers securely share photos, passport details, or upload prescriptions . Send photos, prospectus or itineraries on request.

Real Estate, F&B, E-commerce

Let customers opt-in to stay updated on relevant new products and services, new offers or packages, sales and more. Let customers use this channel to view images on request.

Service Delivery & Electronic Goods

Customers can send photos of damaged products with service engineers. Your support center can send them how-to guides, images or brochures to help them fix simple damages on their own if needed.

Trusted by 50,000+ users across the globe.

We are trusted by 1000+ businesses across the globe for our robust contact center solution. Here is what our customers have to say.

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1. How to get a WhatsApp Business API?

A number of Business API Providers have been pre-approved by WhatsApp to get businesses their Whatspp Business API.

2. Can WhatsApp be used for sales?

Currently there are stringent rules that prohibit you from sending messages to anyone who has not opted-in for your WhatsApp messaging. So while you can manage some engagement activities, cold sales messages are not possible.