Work from Home Call Center Solution

  • Secure. Robust. ISO Certified. 99.9% Uptime.
  • Instant Go Live. No hardware or software required.
  • Device Agnostic. Route calls to softphones or PSTN.
  • Cloud Back Up. Ensures Business Continuity.

In uncertain times, we understand that its difficult to make long-term decisions. Avail zero obligations, pay-per-use contracts.

All-in-One Virtual Setup

Easy Inbound

Multiple IVR options to answer calls and deliver self-service. Easy mute, hold, transfer features.

Efficient outbound

Click to call from CRM, or schedule & automate outbound dialing using dialers.

Smart Routing

Route calls to agents, wherever they are located, based on time of the day, skill or customer priority

Efficient Distribution

ACD logic ensures that calls are evenly distributed amongst your remote agents.

Live Monitoring

Monitor remote agents in real-time. Barge-in, call and whisper to ensure quality. Call recordings on every call.

Number Masking

Mask customer numbers to ensure that you need not worry about data privacy.

Rapidly Switch to Work from Home.

Need deployment urgently? We can ensure your call center solution goes live in 24 hours or less.  Schedule an appointment with our experts today.

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