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What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that exist independently of a physical phone line. A single virtual number, such as a toll-free customer care number, can be routed to multiple lines. Or multiple virtual numbers assigned to different employees or campaigns can be routed to a single line.

Toll-Free Numbers

Publish a single toll-free number for your support calls or marketing campaigns. Route and distribute calls amongst your agents with ease.

Local Numbers

Use local numbers to increase pick up rates for your telemarketing campaigns. We provide local numbers across India, UAE, SE Asia, and the USA.

Direct Numbers

Assign direct numbers so customers can call account managers, sales reps, delivery agents or service engineers without knowing their personal numbers.

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How to Setup Virtual Numbers for Your Business?

You can set up virtual numbers in minutes. Enable easy-to-track customer communications without using any new hardware or software.

Select A Virtual Number

Choose local numbers or toll-free numbers based on your business need.

Define Your Call Logic

Route calls to your call center, agents mobile phones, or landline numbers. Integrate with your CRM if needed.

Start Calling. Track Instantly

That’s it. Your virtual number has been set up. Your agents can make & receive calls, while you can track, record, and analyze the call data.

Business Phone Numbers Available Across Geographies

Ozonetel has Points of Presence in India, Singapore, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines and Dubai.

Local numbers, available across 66 countries.

Toll-free numbers, available across 150 countries.

Local numbers, available across 18 telecom circles in India.

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Virtual Phone Number Features

To effectively use your virtual phone numbers, you need reliable tools to measure and track your call data, and a robust platform to develop custom innovations. Learn how these vital features can help.

Route Intelligently

Because of our advanced call routing, you can route calls based on time, day, department & more. Our cloud solution lets you direct calls to a single call center or multiple locations.

Capture Recordings & Insights

Automatically record calls for quality or training purposes. Also access 40+ reports for actionable insights on agent and team performance.

Integrate SMS and More

Use our solution to integrate customer communications across SMS, texting, WhatsApp, social media and more.

Forward to Your Staff's Mobiles

Forward calls to agents on their softphones, mobile phones or landlines.

Monitor in Real Time

Our live monitoring dashboards let supervisors monitor calls, whisper, snoop or barge-in.

Customise with Open APIs

Use our virtual numbers and open API platform to develop unique, customized solutions.

Want to develop a unique solution? Our Open APIs may be the answer.

Enterprises and startups use Ozonetel’s robust telephony platform and Open APIs to develop innovative customer communication solutions. Learn how you can use our virtual numbers, cloud telephony, IVR and dialers to create a solution that works for you.


How Do Businesses Use Our Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual numbers can be used to create communication solutions across verticals. Learn how small businesses, startups, and enterprises use our virtual number solution in innovative ways.

Centralize Call Center Operations

Businesses across verticals use a single toll-free number for customers across the country. They route these calls to virtual, remote, distributed or centralized call centers.

Connect Account Managers

Virtual numbers let customers directly connect to their account managers, relationship managers, education counselors or real estate consultants on their mobile phones without revealing their personal numbers.

Calculate ROI on Marketing Spends

Marketers across verticals use virtual numbers to calculate ROI on Ad Spend. First, they assign a separate virtual number for each campaign: OOH advertising, online, or print ad campaigns. They track the volume of incoming calls on each number to calculate their ROI.

Improve Service Delivery

Cab aggregators use virtual numbers to let customers speak to cab drivers. While home appliance manufacturers use them to let customers connect to service engineers. And eCommerce and logistics companies use virtual numbers to let customers speak to delivery agents without revealing their actual phone numbers.


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Can I get a free virtual number?

Ask us for a demo for virtual numbers and feel the difference for yourself. Get Free Demo

How can I set up a virtual number?

It’s simple as ABC. All you need to do is, click the link and let our team do the rest for you.

Can I integrate CRM into a virtual number?

Of course. You can personalize your customer interactions by integrating with CRM.

Can I use a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Yes. You can easily link your virtual number to our WhatsApp support page.

Can I get a USA virtual phone number?