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What is a toll-free number? (TFN)

A toll-free number (TFN) is an eleven-digit customer-facing virtual number. According to FCC, it begins with one of the following three-digit codes: 888,877,800, 888, 877, 866,or 844. In India, the toll-free prefix is “1800”, followed by a six or seven digit number. These codes are not interchangeable. As the name suggests, the calling party does not have to pay any charges and is borne by the called party i.e. the organization owning the toll-free number.

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Benefits of using Ozonetel’s Toll-Free Solution

Make it easier for your customers to call you, with a toll-free number service, boosted with a plethora of advanced features

Get toll-free numbers across 150 countries worldwide.

Route calls to a centralized call center, distributed call center or remote agents

Instantly access a complete call center suite.

Use our Open API to develop customized solutions.

How it works

Once you set up a virtual number, connecting customers with service engineers, drivers, or sales representatives on the move is automatic, private and secure.

1. Select your Number

Choose aToll Free Number and subscribe to it.

2. Define Your Call Logic

Use our smart routing features to route calls to a centralized location, or to remote employees.

3. Manage & Track with a Complete Call Center Suite

Respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries using IVR, Smart routing and ACD, and workforce management dashboards.

A Flexible Call Center for your Toll-Free Number. No Setup Costs. Instant Go Live.

Now you can set up a call center in as much time as it takes to get yourself a toll-free number. With IVR, ACD, Smart Routing, and every feature you need to manage it from a centralized or remote location.

Why Use Ozonetel’s Toll-Free Number Solution?

Easy Setup

Get started with our plug and play, browser-based call center solution in hours.

Highly Scalable

Our pay-as-you-go solution allows you to scale from 5 to 500+ agents using the same platform

Live Analytics & Monitoring

Get relevant call reports, live analytics, call logs, campaign reports to ensure better performance.

Work From Anywhere

Access and use the entire solution from any location.

Smart Routing & IVR

Use our smart tools and features to auto attend calls, deliver self-service, and route and distribute calls efficiently.

CRM Integration

Readymade integrations with all the leading CRM software.

Use our Toll-free Numbers for your Next Marketing Campaign

Assigning a toll-free number to a campaign helps you to accurately track the leads you generate on the campaign. Combine it with our missed call solution, IVR blaster, Radio-like integrations, or our Cloud Call Center solution to create winning marketing campaigns.

How Businesses Use Our Toll-Free Number

Lead Generation

Since customers are more likely to call in when it costs them nothing, it gives businesses an effective platform to market and promote products and services and drive sales in a much larger volume as well as identify callers who are potential customers.

Marketing Analysis

Marketers are under constant pressure to prove ROI. Having separate virtual numbers for each ad campaign lets you track which ads drive results and helps you tweak your strategy and budgets accordingly.

Customer Care

Enhance customer care by making sure your business is always and easily reachable. Toll-free numbers make it convenient for customers to call for queries, grievances, or to learn about products, services and solutions.

Free for them to call you. Easy for you to try.

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How do you get a Toll Free Number?

Telecom service providers like Airtel, Reliance, Tata, etc. and a few Cloud telephony companies provide toll-free numbers. It is advisable to acquire the toll-free number from a service provider and get its ownership.

Is it advisable for small businesses?

Toll-free numbers are generally more expensive than a normal business landline number. It comes with a one-time cost, security deposit, and monthly fixed charges.

How do 1-800 numbers work?

Toll-free numbers or 1-800,888,877 numbers are simply customer-facing numbers. The TFN number is routed by the Telecom provider based on your business needs.

What is a Vanity Number?

Vanity numbers are a unique combination of numbers, which are easy to remember and look good, for example – 1800 1230 1230  Some telecom companies charge a premium for such numbers.


Can I make outbound calls from a toll-free number?

You cannot make outbound calls from a toll-free number since it is a customer-facing number