Speech Analytics

Boost Quality Assurance & Call Center Performance Insights

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Ensure 100% Quality Assurance with AI-Based Speech Analytics

Ozonetel’s Speech Analytics platform helps to convert the vast, unstructured data that call centers receive on a daily basis, into useful insights.

Ensures that every call is analyzed.

Monitors customer sentiment in real-time.

Alerts you so you can prevent escalations before they occur.

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How Does it Work?

Analyze customer interactions with data touch-points like sentiment, demographics, speed, and call quality

Speech Rate

Customers may not understand your agents if they speak too fast or too slow. Monitor speech rate to ensure clarity across every single call.

Agent volume

Raised voices could signal conflict. Create alerts for supervisors to “barge in” and take over calls when this happens.

Customer Sentiment

Analyze customer sentiment across every single call and use it for training, intervention, or marketing.

Customer Gender

Track customer demographics across various campaigns and use it to improve and customize your offers.

Automate Speech Transcriptions

Learn how our automatic transcriptions can help you maintain records or delve deeper into your contact center conversations.

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Business Use Cases

Deliver Marketing Insights

Insights into caller sentiment and demographics can help marketing teams understand customer behavior and campaign performance better. Plus, keyword analysis can unveil important insights into customer concerns for both marketing and product development teams.

Improve Agent Training and Performance

Insights gathered from the analytics platform makes it easier to pinpoint areas for improvement and create excellence. This can also help managers create focused training programs. Moreover, results are immediate since agents get real-time feedback.

Barge-in to Prevent Escalations

Real-time monitoring helps supervisors decide whether to barge-in when conversations go awry and take relevant action. These insights can also help you figure out who your high performing agents are based on customer sentiment during and at the end of each call.

Assess Quality Accurately

It is impossible for your quality assurance teams to assess 100% call recordings. With Speech analytics and keyword analytics, we provide you with all the reports that help pinpoint which calls your team really needs to assess. This helps improve both quality assurance and your overall call center performance.

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