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Send personalized text messages to your target audience with ease.

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Our easy-to-use communications platform enables you to send bulk announcements, greetings, reminders, offers, follow-ups and much more to large databases, 24/7, 365 days a year. Seamlessly integrate with your CRM and avail complete contact center functionalities.

How It Works

Ozonetel’s Bulk SMS Service is easy to set up, access and port. No hardware or software required; all you need is a web browser!

Select Contacts

Upload database or select a contact list from your CRM.

Create your message

Create a message and define which fields you wish to personalize such as , etc.

Blast off

One-click to send. Our system will send each personalized message to your contacts, at the scheduled time. Done!

Learn how Ozonetel’s SMS integrations can work for you.

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Specialized features on our flexible platform, make it easy and quick to plan, execute and manage your SMS campaigns.

Anytime, Anywhere Delivery

Deliver messages pan-India across any telecom operator, at any scheduled time with a 6 character sender ID.

Real-Time Reports

Get real-time message delivery and campaign reports. Live analytics and dashboards for better business decision-making.

Open API’s

Our Open API’s let you program and customize campaigns.

Seamless CRM Integration

Ready integrations with all major CRM and ticketing solutions.

Scalable Solution

Our robust platform allows you to scale campaigns with ease.

Complete Customer Support Solution

Ours is a complete call center solution including voice blasts, phone support, IVR, SMS, email, social media, chat and voice bots.

How Do Businesses Use Our Bulk SMS Solution?

We ensure all regulatory compliances so that businesses can use our multichannel solution to send transactional, promotional, and bulk SMS with complete peace of mind.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are text messages that can be sent 24/7 to follow up with customers on events in real-time. For example, E-commerce, Logistics, and banks send SMSes for every interaction such as placing an order, status update, delivery schedules, or customer grievance redressal. 

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS marketing is a cost-effective way for brands to promote a new product, feature, or promotional offers. It can also be used to improve brand engagement.  In promotional SMS it is important to measure key metrics like “opened %”  to gauge your campaign’s success.

Broadcast SMS

Bulk SMS service also called an SMS blast is the simultaneous broadcast of messages to a targeted population.It is primarily used by businesses, marketing agencies, government agencies, NGOs and brand managers to reach a large audience with minimum effort.

Businesses use our omnichannel texting platform in multiple ways to deliver proactive customer support and engage audiences

Learn how IOCL sent 34 lakh targetted messages in a unique brand engagement campaign.
Learn how Delhivery, the logistics giant uses our solution to improve the customer experience for eCommerce and other deliveries.
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1. What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a broadcast of large numbers of SMS messages to a targeted population.

2. How much does Bulk SMS cost?

Our plans vary according to your business needs. Contact us, and our sales representatives can work out a great deal for you.

3. What are the most common uses of Bulk SMS services?

Bulk SMS can be used for a number of brand awareness, marketing, customer service, and sales activities. Companies often use it to send announcements, greetings, updates, reminders, and offers or to follow up on calls and sales leads.  

4. What are the advantages of using Bulk SMS services?

Bulk SMS services enable you to reach out to a large contact base with minimal effort, expense, and intrusion. Our service can be customized, personalized and scaled as per your communication needs.