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Ozonetel’s cloud-based contact center platform was built with sales team productivity in mind. From consistent uptime to a feature-rich interface and readymade integrations, we make it easy to support your sales goals:

  • Track and manage agent activity to improve performance

  • Engage every lead, capturing more sales opportunities

  • Boost conversion rates and grow revenue

Give your sales team a head start on hitting this month’s targets. Rolling out our system is easy. Deploy in just 24 hours.

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Ozonetel’s CRM Integrations Create Unmatched Efficiency

We’ve developed readymade integrations for Salesforce and other popular CRMs to give sales teams a cohesive solution.

Our clients leverage integration to improve the entire sales cycle:

Auto-tagging categorizes incoming leads by source enables tracking to prove ROI for marketing campaigns.

Lead nurturing is consistent and effective with follow up reminders, missed call notifications, and lead prioritization.

Mobile solutions give sales reps access on the go, with virtual routing, click-to-call functionality, and call masking to protect private numbers.

All interactions are captured, every time, with foolproof call logging that increases accountability and provides visibility into true performance.

Agents can easily view and recap conversations, preparing for follow up.

Outbound IVR and dialers can support post-sales activities with automatic payment reminders, surveys, and more.

Popular Features for Sales teams

Power Dialers: Sales teams can double their efficiency by eliminating manual dialing.

Preview dialers support careful handling of customer calls, based on in-depth review of customer information leading to better revenue capture.

Progressive dialers utilize sales resources optimally, especially when dealing with a large number of leads and a small agent pool.

Predictive dialers are a favorite for large contact centers that generate a high volume of cold calls/leads. This functionality increases the number of calls per day and reduces the interval between calls.

More Outbound Features

Data prioritization

Allows easy configuration of calls based on the strategy that makes sense for your business. LIFO, FIFO, campaign prioritization, and more. Set time range, data expiration, and more to make the most of every dial.

Real-time dashboards

Reports let supervisors see performance, call recordings, agent and queue status live and make adjustments on the fly. More than 70 reports give leadership the insight to optimize and streamline sales practices even more.

Outbound IVR

Lets you send large numbers of personalized automated messages for announcements, greetings, reminders, and more. Drag and drop configuration makes setup simple.

Omnichannel communication

Provides multiple touch points via phone, web, email, chat, SMS, and social media. Agents have a unified view of customer interactions across platforms, ensuring a consistent response no matter who is on the call or chat.

All these features are included in our cloud contact center—at a cost that keeps your overhead low.

Ozonetel is designed to minimize manual and repetitive tasks so your team spends more time talking to customers, building relationships, and closing sales. And we do it fast with a plug & play solution that’s straightforward to deploy and integrate. Contact our team today and see what a difference a day makes.

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