Ketto: Streamlining Calls for India’s #1 Crowdfunding Platform

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Ketto is India’s largest crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and NGOs to raise money for social, creative, and personal causes. Ozonetel helped revamp life for Ketto’s representatives by organising calls, tracking them and giving valuable insights to help with training and improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Streamlined working hours for agents while increasing hours of operation by routing calls as per shift timings.
  • Managed customer expectations better with after office hour messages and automated SMS texts.
  • Used daily reports to maximize efficiency, measure the relative performance of agents, and prepare top-to-bottom sales funnel reports that included call data
  • Used live monitoring and call recordings to improve training and escalations.

As Akshay Bhardwaj, AVP, Business Development says:

“Ozonetel has brought our sales team out of the dark ages. We have a great infrastructure internally to scale our business verticals, and our team members & our customers are more satisfied.”

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