How Trusted Stay Streamlined their Customer Calls

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Trusted Stay’s story is the story of entrepreneurship.


Years ago when Mr. Ajay Dewan launched his service apartment website, it was his personal number that he published on the site for any inquiries or complaints.


The inquiries and daily calls were solely handled by Mr. Dewan, the founder, and managing director. But, this got tougher when call volumes increased. Imagine trying to run a business while trying to field fifty-odd customer calls on your mobile per day. Chaotic, isn’t it? 


Ozonetel’s cost-effective virtual receptionist streamlined things in no time. Soon Mr. Dewan had purchased a new DID number to display on his website. Calls were smoothly distributed to work-from-home executives. If a call came in when one agent was busy, it would automatically be sent to another agent. As a result, the customer would not be kept waiting, and the business would not miss out on any important inquiry.


Today, Trusted Stay continues to be amongst Ozonetel’s oldest and most valuable customers. But some things have changed. From a small business receiving maybe 50 odd calls a day, it has expanded to a successful pan-India hospitality service with a 3,000+ room inventory, 30,000+ customers, and hundreds of phone inquiries per day. All smoothly handled. 


Solution Highlights

  • A single PRI number for calling was enabled
  • Customer calls get redirected to agents’ mobile number
  • Calls are transferred to the next agent if one is busy at the moment
  • Brand music plays as hold music. 
  • All calls are auto-logged, and alerts are sent out when calls are unanswered so that Trusted Stay never misses a single customer call.


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