IVR Blaster

Remind, survey, or notify customers without using up precious agent time.

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With an IVR blaster, you can send personalized voice messages in bulk, to a complete customer database in just a few clicks. It can relay messages, collect customer feedback, offer interactive options, or transfer calls to a live agent if required.

How it Works

No hardware or software to install. With Ozonetel, setting up your IVR blast campaign is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1

    Select Contacts

    Upload your contacts' database or select a list from your CRM.

  • 2

    Create your message

    Upload a recording or use our text to speech feature to create your message.

  • 3

    Blast off

    Hit Send. And Done! Your IVR Campaign will commence.

Get your IVR Blaster Campaign Up And Running in Minutes

Set up an outbound IVR campaign in minutes with Ozonetel Cloud Contact Center Solution.

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IVR Blaster Features

Your blaster should do more than relay messages. Here are the essential tools that you need  to optimise your IVR Blaster performance


Use it to survey, collect feedback, or confirm appointments. Customers can respond via DTMF or natural language recognition.


The IVR will auto-collect relevant customer data such as names, bill amounts or due dates from your CRM to personalise each message before relaying it.

Text to Speech

No audio recordings or voice-over artists required. Simply create new messages using our natural sounding text-to-speech conversion.

Drag & Drop IVR Designer

Our intuitive Drag & Drop IVR makes it easy to create a new flow in minutes. No IT help required.


See how your campaign fared. View successful, failed and pending data on a live dashboard that updates every 5 seconds.

Natural Conversations

Access AI-driven and NLP powered voice technology that is intelligent, intuitive, and easy to use.

Our IVR Blaster comes packed with all these features and more. To see how it works. Schedule a demo with one of our experts today.

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How Businesses Use Our IVR Blaster

Companies use our IVR blaster in innovative ways to engage, survey, and remind customers and prospects without wasting any staff-hours.


Blast pending or upcoming loan repayment, bill payment, or subscription reminders.


Appointment confirmation

Confirm availability for appointments or deliveries.


Missed call campaigns

Use IVR blasts to enhance your missed call campaigns. Learn more.


Emergency notifications

IVR Blasts are a quick and hassle-free way to send messages during emergencies, sudden holidays, closures, or outages.

Offer announcements

Relay special offers to customers, along with relevant information like offer duration. Optionally, connect to a live agent to further the transaction.



An engaging way to survey user groups or get customer feedback on a product or service. Collect inputs via DTMF, call recordings, or natural language processing.


Qualifying Leads

Use IVR Blasts sent to inform your database about products or services. Schedule appointments or transfer to live agents if the prospect expresses interest.

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