Get all the features you’ll ever

need for your customer communications

Popular Features


Auto Dialers

Reach out to customers and prospects faster with Predictive, Progressive, and IVR Dialers


Virtual Phone Numbers

Route your toll-free, local, and direct numbers to the right agent.


Number Masking Solution

Let customers call delivery agents, sales reps, or service engineers on their mobile phones in a secure, trackable manner 


Toll-Free Number Solution

Set up a seamless call center solution for your toll-free number in less than 24 hours.


Advanced IVR

Create a multi-level IVR with ease using Drag & Drop IVR. Deliver self-service via IVR and more.

Round robin

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Route calls to the right agent based on skill, time, and priority. Distribute calls evenly amongst your workforce.


Advanced Live Chat Support

Blend chatbots and live agents to deliver stellar live chat support. With advanced voice enablement features.

Voice Bot

AI-based Voice bot solutions for sales and customer support.

Speech Analytics

Revamp your quality assurance processes and improve your FCR with speech analytics.

IVR Features

Multi-Level IVR

Get call context and guide your caller to the right department or deliver self service

Drag & Drop IVR Designer

Build or change your multi-level IVR and self-service in minutes, with no help from IT

Conversational IVR

Our AI can understand mutli lingual user languages with 92% accuracy

Queue and Routing Features

Skill Routing

Route skills to the right agent using our skill-based routing

Warm & Blind Transfer

Transfer calls to another agent, supervisor, or external party

Omnichannel Routing

Distribute your incoming calls, chats, and social media messages with our automatic call/chat distributor

Dialer Features

Manual Dialer

Agents can dial phone numbers from their Ozonetel dashboard

Predictive Dialer

Automatically dial calls and connect agents to live calls

Progressive Dialer

Sequentially dials calls from your call list to improve agent productivity while preventing dropped calls

Campaign Management

Multiple Virtual Numbers

Manage multiple DIDs

Voice Logger

Automatically record all calls for security and compliance

Live monitoring

Monitor and manage multiple campaigns with ease

Omnichannel Channels

Live Chat 

Blend bots and humans for an optimum customer experience


Automate how you personalise and send bulk sms texts


Every tool you need to manage and respond to your WhatsApp messages faster and better

Work From Home Features

Agile migration to WFH

Switch all your agents to WFH in less than an hour

Low Bandwidth required

Solutions for low bandwidth

Multiple login option

Let agents login to the cloud call center via Mobile, Tab or Laptop

Control your Call Costs With Ozonetel’s Unique BYOT

♦   ISO Certified


♦   G2 High performer for 2 years consecutively


♦   99.9% uptime. 24 * 7 Customer Support

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