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Setup a Better Customer Experience in Minutes

When you make it easy for customers to connect with you at critical stages of the customer journey, it drastically improves the customer experience. That’s why hundreds of startups, eCommerce businesses, and online retail stores use our scalable solutions to drive customer happiness, loyalty, and a lifetime of referrals.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve CSAT by reducing wait times, personalizing every interaction, and empowering agents with the tools they need to solve problems faster.

Capture Critical Data

Capture critical call data and log it into your CRM. Share data across your various communication channels to ensure seamless CX. Access 70+ performance reports. 

Enable an Omnichannel Journey

Let customers move seamlessly from one channel to another. Manage calls, live chat, SMS, and social media on the same platform.

All our solutions are cloud-based, which means they can be set up in minutes with zero infrastructure and maintenance costs. Moreover, they are agile enough to ensure business continuity in almost any circumstance.

High-Quality Sales, Support & Customer Engagement Solutions

Easy to set up and scale cloud solutions to engage & support customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

Complete Call Center Suite

Go live with a complete call center solution. Enable auto-attendant, smart call routing, ACD, live monitoring tools, and more.

Self Service Options

Deliver self-service options via IVR, conversational IVR or voice bots. Integrate with SMS plugins.

Virtual Number Masking

Mask numbers while connecting customers with third-party vendors, delivery agents or other staff

Toll-Free Numbers

Centralize your customer support with a single toll-free number. Easily route calls based on time of the day, day of the week or traffic loads to a centralised support center or remote working agents.

Live Dashboards

Manage call queues in real-time across multiple campaigns. Prevent escalations and monitor quality with snoop, whisper, and barge in tools.

Proactive Support

Broadcast personalized order status, reminders, offers, & more. Offer proactive customer support via voice IVR, bots, or SMS broadcasts.

Deep CRM Integrations

Automate call logging, reduce average handle times, and improve first call resolutions with readymade CRM integrations.

Advanced Live Chat Options

Integrate with live chat to seamlessly escalate chats to voice calls when needed.

WhatsApp Support

Integrate with WhatsApp to support customers on a channel they love.

How Do Ecommerce, Online retail & Logistics Companies use our Cloud Solutions?

Customer Stories

Big Basket has effectively used our cloud contact center solution to maintain industry-leading service standards even as they scaled up from 5 to 800 agents on the same platform. Learn how they ensure that 90% of their calls are answered by an agent within 10 seconds.

Learn how Zomato tracks and monetizes 21 million customer calls every month using our Number Masking solution.

Learn how Delhivery uses our technology to automate 75% of its inbound queries and reduce wait times by 3X.

For big-ticket purchases such as furniture, good customer support is vital for building trust and reassurance. Learn how they automate callbacks to ensure that they never miss a customer’s call.

Improve Sales. Give customers on your Shopify store the instant support they want.

Integrate cloud telephony with your Shopify Store in minutes.

Support customers with a voice + live chat window

Route and distribute calls and chats evenly amongst your staff

Seamless CRM integration.

Why Choose Ozonetel?

Ozonetel is one of the only cloud telephony providers who own the complete stack. We do not depend on any 3rd party CPaaS for running our product and have our own hardware and telecom expertise. 

Our ISO-certified solution is known for its superior voice quality, 99.9% uptime, and 100% call logging

Open APIs assure deep integrations with CRM and other business tools.

IT teams, Developers, and Architects love how easily they can build custom logic on our robust platform.

We get great reviews for our easy-to-use live reporting tools.

And most of all, both partners and clients recommend us for our highly responsive customer support.

50 Million


12 Million

Daily Calls

250 Million

annual calls

40 Million

API hits daily

Trusted by 1500+ clients across the globe

Readymade CRM Integrations to Improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by giving agents customer context on every call. Screenpops and unified windows improve agent efficiency by nearly 30% on each call. 

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♦   ISO Certified


♦   G2 High performer for 2 years consecutively


♦   99.9% uptime. 24 * 7 Customer Support

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