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Ozonetel is amongst the only solution providers in India who offer cloud, hybrid and on-prem options. Each solution is built to optimize efficiency whether your business needs a blended call center, inbound call center, or an outbound call center.

Cloud Call Center

Access a complete call center by simply logging into any web browser. Not only do you incur zero infrastructure costs, its also easy to enable remote working agents & supervisors. Plus, you can go live instantly in 24 hours or less.

Hybrid Call Center

Our hybrid solution lets you route calls across multiple locations via the cloud, while still keeping all your data on-site. Deploy our gateway at your site with minimal infrastructure & pivot to remote-working during emergencies.

On-Premise Call Center

Need to maintain your call center within your premises? Because we’ve built our tech stack up from scratch, our on-prem & private cloud solution can give you the control you need and ensure the compliance you require.

Efficiently Boost Customer Satisfaction with Our Inbound Call Center Solution

Because we’ve delivered more than a decade of inbound and customer support solutions, we’ve learned to pack our solution with features that call centers need to achieve 80-100% agent utilization and better answer rates.

Key Features of our Inbound Solution

IVR Flexibility

Use options such as speech recognition, drag & drop IVR, self-service, and more to deliver the quick, personalized responses your customer wants.

CRM Integration

Unify the customer journey across all support channels, and ensure 30% better agent efficiency with our open APIs & readymade CRM connectors.

Smart Routing & Distribution

Use our flexible routing logic to route & optimally distribute calls amongst your agents by customer priority, time, or skill. Let calls land either on agents' desktops or mobile phones.

Live Monitoring

Dashboards update every 5 seconds, giving supervisors control over call queues and agent performance across multiple campaigns in real-time.


70+ reports with actionable data help you assess & improve your agent efficiency, wait times, and resolution times.

Call Recordings

Every call is recorded and easy-to-access for training, quality, compliance, or conflict resolution.

Advanced AI Solutions for a State-of-the-Art Call Center

Learn how our advanced AI solutions such as voice bots, speech analytics, and conversational IVR helps businesses boost their call center performance.


Efficient, Flexible Outbound Call Center Solutions

Get a multi-channel, integrated call center solution that is flexible and can evolve to meet the expectations of today’s customers. Maximize productivity and hence profitability across all outbound processes including announcements, reminders, renewals, or sales.

Key Features

Multiple Auto Dialer Options

We offer both predictive & progressive dialers so you can choose how to schedule calls and triple productivity.

CRM Integration

Deep integrations not only let agents click to call from their CRM, but also enables auto logging, screen pops & much more.

Outbound IVR

Automate reminders for collections, renewals, payments or to send greetings, announcements and updates.

Live Monitoring

Since supervisors can monitor call queues & agent performance live across multiple campaigns, they can control & improve service levels in real-time.


We give you 70+ reports with actionable data to help you assess & improve your agent efficiency, wait times, and resolution times.

Call Recordings

Every call is recorded and easy to access for training, quality, compliance, or conflict resolution.

Need Customization? Learn how Businesses use our Open APIs

Ozonetel is one of the few Call Center solution providers that gives customers the option of an Open API platform to develop their own solutions. Learn how businesses use this to customize workflow management and more.

Readymade CRM Integrations to improve Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by giving agents customer context on every call. Screenpops and unified windows improve agent efficiency by nearly 30% on each call. 




Microsoft Dynamics





Improve Service Levels with Live Monitoring

Give your managers and supervisors the tools and reports they need to optimise performance.

Real time Call Queue Updates alert supervisors when wait times are suffering.

Live dashboards enable real-time call queue management across multiple campaigns.

40+ historical reports help identify agent training requirements.

Live call monitoring with snoop, barge-in, & whisper help prevent escalations and improve first-call resolution.

Want to know how the country’s best customer support centers use our live monitoring tools?

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Why Choose Ozonetel?

Ozonetel is one of the only cloud telephony providers who own the complete stack. We do not depend on any 3rd party CPaaS for running our product and have our own hardware and telecom expertise. 

Highly scalable. Businesses have scaled from 5 to 1000+ agents on the same platform.

Open APIs to ensure deep integrations with any other business tools and custom logic.

This ensures superior voice quality, 99.9% uptime, and 100% call logging

50 Million


12 Million

Daily Calls

250 Million

annual calls

40 Million

API hits daily

Trusted by 1500+ Businesses Across the Globe

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Why Stop at Calls? Enable an Omnichannel Contact Center

Your customer may want to reach out to you through multiple channels. Ozonetel integrates with SMS, live chat, social media and messaging apps to give you an omnichannel contact center. CRM integrations ensure that you see a unified view of your customers across channels.

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